The Simplest Way To Monetize on Twitch and Feature Top Fans

If you aren’t a Twitch affiliate or partner, it can be challenging to make a sustainable income as a gamer. After all, building an audience is just part of what goes into building your business as a gamer. You need to find sustainable ways to build income off of all of the hours you invest in content streaming and playing. 

Luckily, Boost It allows you to embed your live stream and accompanying monetization tools directly into your Link in Bio. 

With Boost It, you can embed a live Twitch or YouTube stream alongside 1-click tipping features, and a tip leaderboard that incentivizes your fans to climb to the top in real-time. Your fans don’t have to put in any login information or even join your embedded service platform to enjoy the stream, either. As long as they have your supercharged link, they can engage in your stream without ever leaving their original platform. 

Another major benefit of Boost It is that you don’t even have to be actively streaming to benefit from the platform. The mini app allows you to embed past streams or any video content for fans to enjoy and support on the platform. It makes it easy got you to earn extra tips on both your active and past streams.

To get started, simply add the Boost It mini app to your link in bio. From there, add or embed your content, add a title, description, thumbnail, and you’re good to go! The gamified leader board adjusts as tips come in to keep your fans engaged. Boost It earnings are paid out directly to your Koji wallet, and fans can pay via debit or credit card built into the platform. 

Be sure to let your followers know whenever you’re streaming or hosting a piece of content in your link in bio. You can help keep your audience engaged by offering special incentives for top leaderboard supporters or send out a quick shoutout to show your gratitude. Hosting a recurring Boost It event can also invite fans to come back for more and building a lasting connection with your stream. 

You also have the option to embed your Twitch stream directly into your link in bio with Twitch Embed. This mini app allows you to bring all of the features of Twitch into your supercharged link. While you won’t have the tip leaderboard of Boost It, users will still be able to see the gifts and chat reflected in your active stream. 

Hence, there are plenty of ways to monetize your Twitch or YouTube stream outside of the platform itself. Enjoy offering live and curated content via your link in bio with Boost It. 
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