Three Tools to Help an NFT Artist Get Started

If you’re an NFT artist with some fantastic art to showcase, you should probably be using the best NFT tools to help you do this. Enter Koji mini-apps from the Koji App Store

The Koji mini-apps provide NFT artists with everything they need to turn their artwork into an NFT. We’ll walk through 3 of the top tools for NFT artists and how you can use them to generate art, sell your existing art and create hype to get your art in front of the right audience.

Create Your Own Collection With PFP Generator

The PFP Generator mini-app is perfect for NFT artists who want to combine some traits they have in mind to create an NFT collection of profile pictures (PFPs) with those traits. 

  • The PFP Generator works by uploading your image layers for use in your PFPs, then previewing the results of randomly generated PFPs from those images. 
  • Once published, your followers will be able to mint one of your PFPs with a random set of traits directly inside your link in bio. 

For example, if you want to make a whale NFT PFP project but you don’t have the time to hand-draw thousands of individual whales all with different traits. 

But you’ve come up with the best 200 traits that make a whale great, and you want to combine these traits into a set of 5,000 generated whales. All you have to do is to upload image files of the 200 traits or properties to the PFP Generator mini-app

Then the app does the heavy lifting of creating all the different combinations of traits, and the result is a set of 5,000 randomly generated PFPs. Each one can be sold as a separate NFT on the blockchain to fans who appreciate good whale art.

Add an NFT Storefront

In addition to giving you the ability to generate NFTs, Koji has a tool to let you showcase and sell your NFTs as well. 

The NFT Storefront mini-app lets you sell your NFT art directly from your Link in Bio. This app allows anyone to browse and purchase your NFTs – both the NFT art you created and the NFTs you’ve purchased. Once someone purchases your NFT art, it will be transferred to their wallet and removed from your Storefront. 

Say you’re an artist and you’ve spent countless hours creating wonderful, unique paintings.  Now you want to create NFTs with those paintings. Where do you start?

Start with one painting. 

  • Using the Create an NFT mini-app, you can turn each one of these paintings into its own NFT. 
  • Then you can use the NFT Storefront mini-app to display these paintings in a beautiful theme that complements your paintings’ style, right along with the rest of your purchased NFTs. 
  • If you have a few big-ticket paintings or personal favorites that you really want to showcase front and center, reorder your NFTs to show these ones first. The arrangement is up to you!

Now, using the NFT Storefront mini-app you’ve got your NFT art on display and ready for purchase. 

Engage Fans With Giveaway an NFT

Once you’ve generated your own NFTs and displayed your NFTs for the world to see, running an NFT giveaway is a great way to pique interest in some of your personal NFT art that you’re promoting. The Giveaway an NFT mini-app is a great tool that helps you do this. The app allows you to easily create and manage giveaways using a minted NFT as the prize. 

If you’re an NFT artist and you either want to give away one of your own creations or another desirable NFT, use the Giveaway an NFT mini-app to create interest amongst your followers and incentivize them into taking action. You can set additional requirements for entry like follow on Instagram, retweet a tweet and more. Once the giveaway contest is over, you can spin the wheel to pick a random winner. 

  • This mini app is a great tool if you want to get the word out about your new NFT art.
  • People may not be aware that you’ve created a new piece of art of your own, but they may be aware of a well-known NFT that you have in your collection. Why not use the appeal of the well known NFT in an NFT Giveaway to generate interest and awareness for your own art?
  • By generating interest with a giveaway of a well-known NFT, you can attract attention that you can use to promote your own NFT art and drive sales of your NFTs.

The good news about being an NFT artist is that your skills are in demand in an art-focused Web3 world. Now you have 3 simple and effective tools for getting your NFT art on the blockchain, building out a full collection of PFPs and promoting your art with an NFT Giveaway. There’s no stopping you now!