TikTok Users LOVE Koji “Link in Bio” Profiles

Koji is the best Linktree alternative for TikTok creators

TikTok unleashes the creativity of people all around the world, and Koji “link in bio” profiles tie them all together.

Users on TikTok are seeing friends and followers with Koji profiles in their “link in bio,” and heads are exploding over the limitless customization and powerful add-ons. 

@ashnichrist_I found an actually cool tool! wtf!! ##withkoji ##ad ##streamcoach ##streamcommunity ##twitchstreamertryingtogrow♬ original sound – ashnichrist

The best “link in bio” by far

Linktree and similar services charge money for customization. Koji is 100% free.

“If you’re familiar with Linktree and similar services, Koji has a far more robust toolset,” says Creator Wizard.

Your one link for TikTok

Your bio is the only space on TikTok where you’re allowed to post a link, so you need to make sure it counts!

A koji.to link in bio is your shortest possible choice, and you can choose any name for it you’d like. Come claim the perfect name for your Koji link in bio profile.

Add-ons that monetize, engage & grow your network

What sets Koji apart from the rest is the powerful collection of instant experiences that happen right inside your profile on any social network or mobile app.


Popular add-ons include the no-fee Tip Jar, Cameo-style Video Requests, Locked Photos, Email Collection, Games and more.

It takes seconds to create the perfect TikTok link in bio

Building a “link in bio” profile has never been easier or more fun.

Take advantage of the 4K backgrounds, new button types and spaces, and the intuitive editors that help create and edit your profile in seconds.

Click here to get started building your link in bio!