Top 5 Mini-Apps For Adding Utility To NFTs

After an explosive year where more and more NFT projects flooded the market, a necessary differentiating factor between the projects that thrive and those that don’t has been the utility that NFT creators can offer their holders.

Luckily, Koji has a list of tools and mini-apps that you can use to bring utility to your NFT holders to keep them delighted and help your project stand out in a crowded market of NFTs. 

We’ll review the top 5 mini-apps that you can use as a creator to bring utility to your NFT project, review the benefits and use cases of each mini-app and hopefully this will excite you into incorporating these mini-apps into your NFT toolkit. 

What is NFT utility, and as a creator how do I leverage it?

NFT utility is anything that offers access, perks or opportunities to the holders of an NFT. If you want to really boost engagement and brand loyalty amongst your followers, incorporating some kind of NFT utility to holders is a really good idea, and the Koji mini-apps will help you achieve this. Even if you have an NFT with stellar art or outstanding photography, adding utility to your project will bring even more value to your holders.

The Top 5 Mini-apps for Adding Major Utility to NFTs

NFT Locked Images Mini-app

As a creator, you may have one or more images that you want to offer exclusively to holders of a specific NFT collection, and possibly your own. The NFT Locked Images mini-app lets you lock up images of your choosing behind a virtual gate, accessible only to NFT holders. 

This mini-app is especially useful if you’re an artist or photographer with high quality images, allowing you to keep your prized work behind a locked door. Releasing a highly sought after locked image can also provide incentive for followers who are non-holders of your NFT to purchase the NFT to gain access to the image. 

The “NFT Locked Images” mini-app does all the technical work for you, and you just have to install the mini-app from the Koji App Store. The mini-app will automatically check if a follower is a holder of an NFT once they connect their crypto wallet, and this will allow them to show proof of NFT ownership. If they own the NFT, they’re in. 

NFT Message Wall Mini-app

The NFT Message Wall mini-app allows anyone who owns an NFT from a specific collection to post messages to your wall. This gives owners of a specific NFT collection the exclusive ability to be seen writing on your wall. Want to entice holders of blue chip NFT projects to get involved with your community through your Link in Bio? Give them exclusive rights to post messages to your wall along with other NFT holders of that collection. 

This could allow you to form a sort of inner circle with everyone who holds a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, for example, forging a relationship between you and a highly influential community of NFT enthusiasts. Bring them along as you journey through the Web3 space by using the NFT Message Wall mini-app. 

NFT Locked Audio Mini-app

The NFT Locked Audio mini-app works similarly to the NFT Locked Images, in that it locks away gated content and only provides access to NFT holders. This mini-app is perfect for creators who make podcasts and other audio content. 

Are you a podcaster with a special exclusive interview with a well-known public figure? Why not offer this audio interview only to NFT holders? That’s some great utility that will make NFT holders feeling fulfilled and appreciated with the utility they’re getting from owning your NFT. 

The NFT Gate that is used for the NFT Locked Images and NFT Locked Audio is compatible with both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains as well as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

NFT Premium Inbox Mini-app

Open a direct line of communication with each holder of an NFT collection, allowing them to send you messages to a dedicated inbox. How does this provide utility to holders of an NFT? Access. You’re giving access to a select group of people who have placed their faith in a project and purchased an NFT. 

Many people in the world of NFTs agree that a major aspect of a quality NFT project is the sense of community, and the NFT Premium Inbox mini-app will help you build community. Whether you want to use this for your own NFT or for another NFT community, this mini-app will help you make personal connections with your followers and NFT holders. 

NFT Storefront Mini-app

So, say you’re now the proud owner of a few NFTs and you want to show them off to your followers. Doing this can be especially helpful if you are looking to sell one or more of those NFTs to your loyal followers, and this is now possible with the NFT Storefront mini-app

Your Koji NFT Storefront is the perfect place to display your NFTs right through your Link in Bio. Your followers are already using your Link in Bio, and showcasing your NFTs where they can see them will give them a convenient place to purchase your NFTs from you. By utilizing the Koji NFT Storefront, you basically get a showcase for your NFTs. Your followers are also more likely to buy your NFTs from you directly from your Link in Bio, rather than going over to OpenSea, finding your OpenSea account and purchasing the NFT from you there. 

Getting started with the NFT Storefront mini-app is simple. Just copy and paste your ETH address into the mini-app and you’re ready to display your NFTs to your followers. The Storefront app supports ETH, and will soon support Polygon. 

Using the NFT Storefront is also a great way to build rapport with your followers on common ground. You may own an NFT and inspire one of your followers to also buy into that NFT project, giving you something in common with your follower.

Koji’s Powerful NFT Mini-apps Bring Utility to a New Level in Web3

As NFTs hit mainstream adoption, this will bring opportunities and challenges for creators of NFT projects. The good news is that NFTs will inevitably bring about positive change for creators, allowing them opportunities for monetizing their content instead of resigning a majority of their profits to gatekeepers at publishers, galleries and record labels. 

Along with this opportunity will come with it the reality that the NFT market will become more crowded as creatives, entrepreneurs and companies try to take advantage of the benefits of releasing NFTs. This will create an increased level of competition among similar projects in art, music, photography and film, and the differentiating factor that creators of this content will need is NFT utility. 

A generative NFT art project with utility will distinguish itself from other generative art projects based on its utility. An indie musician who releases an NFT song with utility will set itself apart from the other indie NFT songs by other artists. The list goes on. 

As you plan on how you’ll incorporate NFT utility into your project, keep in mind the powerful Koji mini-apps which make NFT utility a breeze. Doing so will set you apart from the crowd and make your NFT a raging success.