Top Koji Apps For Audience Engagement On Your Link In Bio

Engagement is the single most important metric when it comes to social media. A well-designed Koji Link in Bio gives you new ways to engage audiences, often more deeply and for much longer than just swiping through your content in a feed.

If you don’t have a Koji Link in Bio yet, check out our Getting Started Guide—it’s completely free and only takes a few minutes to get set up.

Not only are there hundreds of Koji apps to choose from, the best part is that your followers can use them all from inside your Link in Bio, no downloads or installs required.

New apps are being added to the Koji App Store each week, so there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to adding engaging new experiences to your Link in Bio. These are just a few of our favorites.

The Best Koji Apps for Audience Engagement (2021)

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anythings, or AMAs, are an internet staple. They’re one of the best ways to build a more intimate and authentic relationship with your audience and give them unique, behind-the-scenes access to the real you.

Koji’s Ask Me Anything builds on the classic format and brings new features that make it a game-changer for creators. Unlike traditional AMAs, this app lets you respond to questions by recording a short video, making it more personal and engaging for your audience.

Media Wall

There are all kinds of things that you discover as you go about your life: awesome music, movies, fellow creators, etc. Media Wall lets you compile all these gems in a beautiful multimedia feed.

This app has countless use cases—from video playlists, to song lists, top friends lists, and more. This versatility makes it one of our favorite apps for audience engagement because it gives you new ways to express yourself and share the things that are important to you.

Photo Guestbook & Video Guestbook

If you love collaborating with your fans and including them in your content, you should definitely be using one of these Guestbooks on your Link in Bio. Use them as a way to give your fans a voice, collaborate, and crowdsource content around a specific topic—or just a fun space for fans to say hello. All posts on the wall are public and you can moderate the content that appears on the wall.

Photo Guestbook lets your audience post photos, making it great for branded selfie walls, amazing views, sharing artwork, and more.

Video Guestbook lets your audience record and post videos. This is a great app if you’re trying to collect videos for a viral trend, starting a thread for video comments, or asking your followers to share their stories, just to name a few uses.

Sponsor Quiz

When you make great content and grow your following, you attract sponsors. These sponsors want to reach your audience with their message, but, even more importantly, they want to verify that their message was received and recalled. 

With Sponsor Quiz, you offer premium content (photo, video, link, etc.) as a reward to people who complete a quiz that tests their understanding of your sponsor’s message.


If you’re someone who likes to share what’s on your mind, Thoughts is the perfect app for recording short written text cards and posting them to a feed. Posting your thoughts is easy and in no time you’ll have your audience reading your interesting takes on everything—overheard conversations, short poems, best comments, anonymous confessions, and more!

Music & Video

If you have music or videos that you’d like to showcase, you can use these two media apps to get your audience listening and watching directly inside your Link in Bio. 

Use the Music App to share songs from Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and more. Add the link and it will show the song, ready to play, without linking to another site.

With the Video App, you can easily add a video from YouTube or Vimeo to showcase. With one tap your audience can watch your video. 

Phone + Email Sign Up

Note: This app is still in Early Access, but it’s so useful that we had to include it in the list.

Looking to build your audience outside of social media? Use the Phone + Email Signup app to let your audience sign up and get direct updates from you. Your supporters can sign up to your list with a phone number or email. Then you can take the contact list and import it into other services like MailChimp or Twilio to start updating them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to add a Koji App to my Link in Bio?

Koji Apps can be added to your Link in Bio for free. If the app collects money, the developer of the app sets the fees, and you can see them on the App Store page. Typically you’ll keep 85% to 95% of any transaction on Koji, but some apps like Tip Jar have zero fees. 

Are monetization apps for my Link in Bio safe?

Yes. All Apps on the Koji App Store are reviewed by Koji’s App Review Team to ensure they’re safe and functional. Any personal information collected through Koji Apps is secure and can only be accessed by you.

Can I edit my app after I save it to my profile?

Yes. You can edit your app at any time by going to your app URL, tapping the app name in the top bar, and then tapping EDIT APP. This will take you into edit more, where you can change settings and save it without needing to create a new app.

Final Thoughts

Your Koji Link in Bio comes with free access to hundreds of apps that help you turn a boring link in bio into a place to express yourself, engage your supporters, and make money. There isn’t one solution that works for everyone, so play around and find the apps that work best for you.

If you have any feedback, need help building your Koji Link in Bio, or are looking to get your profile featured on Koji, we’d love to hear from you! Tag us on Twitter, email us ([email protected]), or use the help chat available on the Koji Website.