Transform Your Link In Bio Into A Cookbook

Are you constantly creating confections? Do your followers often ask for recipe recommendations? Thankfully, you can easily turn your link in bio with the help of Provecho so that you can start sharing your recipes with your followers. 

We’ll show you how to start sharing recipes with your fans below and explain how you can earn from sponsored products. 

How To Convert Your Link In Bio Into A Cookbook 

Sharing your recipes has never been easier with the help of the Provecho app. This app lives in your link in bio, and allows your fans to enjoy your recipes in a seamless vertical grid for seamless cooking from mobile. 

To get started, set up your Koji link in bio for free. You can add all of your social media profiles, customize your profile according to your brand, and add apps to your link in bio to help you monetize your content as a creator. Your fans can access your supercharged link from any platform without having to download anything or leave their original browser. 

From there, add your Provecho mini app to your link in bio. You can import your recipes directly by sharing any Provecho link to your profile. Your fans can now engage directly with your recipes and share them within their network. Provecho helps creators monetize their recipes with sponsored products, so you can use this link in bio app to earn passive income. 

How To Sell Your Recipes 

If you aren’t a Provecho creator, you can still sell your own recipes in your link in bio. Just use the Sell Books & PDFs app to sell your recipes at a price of your choosing. Either way, your followers will enjoy making meals based off of your delicious recipes!

Make sure to lead back to your link in bio whenever you share photos or videos of your good eats. Have fun sharing your recipes with your followers! 

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