Want a Custom Link in Bio? Here’s How to Get The Best Name

→ You need the best short link for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube & any social network.

Users minds are being blown all across social media by Koji “link in bio” profiles with stunning 4K backgrounds and add-ons that make you money & engage your followers.

But before someone even visits your profile, they need to know your link.

The right shortened link is key to your success on social media

We’re talking about the “link” part of Link in Bio.

It’s critical that link is as short as possible, easy to communicate, & customized with your name.

The Shortest Link

koji.to is only six letters — one of the shortest links you can have! 

More importantly, it’s easy to communicate. “Check out my Koji.”

Claim Your Name

Koji isn’t a boring link list; it’s a revolutionary new platform for self expression inside your “link in bio.”

It’s also an opportunity to express yourself WITH your “link in bio.”

Tired of searching for an available username on social media? You can create your own koji.to link with the exact name you want!

Once you’ve found the right name for your link in bio, spread your koji.to link far and wide: put it in your social bios, in your email signature, and tell everyone you know!


Q: What link should I be sharing?

A: Your “link in bio” should be your koji.to/username link, and not withkoji.com/@username

Q: How is koji.to different from withkoji.com?

A: Koji.to is the domain for your shortened links. Everything from our parent domain, withkoji.com, is accessible through koji.to. 

Q: Do I need username symbols like @ or ~ on koji.to?

A: No. The address of your profile may appear with a @username on withkoji.com but our shortened link domain koji.to has been optimized so that it doesn’t require these special characters.

Q: Can I host my “link in bio” on my own domain?

A: It’s easy to host your Koji profile on a domain you already own.