Which Tip Jar Is Right for You?

More and more content creators like you are taking advantage of their Link in Bio space to monetize their content and connect with their audience. Placing a tip jar within your social profile, in addition to the social media platforms’ native tipping features for creators, increases the likelihood of getting paid by followers who value your creative process and want to support you directly.

Within the Koji App Store, there are nine different tip jar options that you can choose from to help you crowdfund for your latest projects and efforts. We’ll explain each app in detail below, including how to use each one and who they’re best for.

Tip Jar

Tip jar description: Collect tips from fans with no fees

Transaction fee: 0%

Best for: Creators who want to a no-fuss tipping solution.

The Tip Jar app can help you monetize and raise money for your latest projects. Your supporters can show their appreciation for you by leaving a tip and sending you a personalized message, allowing them to reach you without getting lost in the noise. Unlike the other tip jar apps featured in this article, Tip Jar does not have any transaction fees.

Tip Jar+

Tip jar description: Tips plus bonus gift offers

Transaction fee: 5%

Best for: Creators who want to give back to their audience after a tip.

Tip Jar + is the remastered version of the original Tip Jar app that offers a streamlined process for fans to enjoy. You can take advantage of the app by uploading full-screen content for your tip jar and personalizing thank you notes for fans who donate. With Tip Jar +, you also have the option to add exclusive content (images, videos, and downloadable files) that your followers can unlock for a discounted price after making a donation inside the app.

Gift Me

Tip jar description: Give the gift of giving

Transaction fee: 5%

Best for: Creators who want a modern gifting experience complete with emojis.

With Gift Me, your followers show support by sending you emoji-based gift tokens as donations. You can customize the gift types and amounts by selecting an emoji and the gift amount in the app directly from your Link in Bio. Fans can send as many gifts as they want along with a note that you can see directly from the creator dashboard.

Fund My Project

Tip jar description: Crowdfunding made simple

Transaction fee: 5%

Best for: Creators who want to start crowdfunding projects.

Fund My Project allows you to crowdfund projects and other efforts directly from your Link in Bio. You can set a monetary goal, give background information on your project, and then publish the app to your profile, where it’s instantly available from any social media platform. You also have the option to collect shipping information from your fans to send rewards once your project is fully funded. 

Boost It

Tip jar description: Highlight top supporters

Transaction fee: 5%

Best for: Creators who want to showcase their fans and followers who donate.

With Boost It, you can showcase your favorite completed projects or pieces of content to your supporters through your Link in Bio. Your fans can donate to each project individually, leaving private notes that allow you to connect more closely with your followers. Additionally, each new piece of content you upload will have its own list of top supporters so that anyone can go for the #1 spot on the list. The app lets you track multiple donations and easily moderate the names that are visible in the top supporter’s list.

Love Jar

Tip jar description: Share the love

Transaction fee: 5%

Best for: Creators who want to encourage donations without pressure or solicitation.

Love Jar is an app that lets you accept donations and private messages from followers and fans in a fun and organic way. Anyone who donates to your love jar can choose the amount to contribute with the slider and write a message that only you can view. As the app’s owner, you’ll have access to all the love notes that your followers have sent you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many creative ways to engage your fans to leave tips! Every creator is different, so we encourage you to experiment and find the type of tips that work best for your own fans. And remember, the tips you collect on Koji are not subject to the often significant cuts the big social media or app platforms take, so more money arrives where it should – in your hands.