Why Creators Are Using a ‘Link in Bio’ Tip Jar Instead of Patreon

There’s a new trend across social networks like TikTok and Instagram: adding a tip jar to your profile.

Since your social profiles only allow one link, it’s critical that creators make full use of the ‘Link in bio’ space.

Placing a tip jar within your Linktree or social profile profoundly increases the likelihood of getting paid by your followers.

With a Koji Tip Jar, you keep 100% of your earnings: there are no service fees.

Your Tip Jar isn’t just for making money; it’s also a fun way to engage with fans

People feel good when they give a tip! Why not turn that interaction into an exciting new connection? 

There are so many options to explore — the Tip Jar template lets you get creative.

  • Upload a custom photo, gif, or a your own video greeting.
  • Customize your message and a thank you to your fans.
  • Choose pre-set tip amounts for easy one-button transactions.

To see some examples, take a look at these tip jars in action:

Buy Aurelius a Coffee
Show Nickolas Natali Some Love
Donate to Bra’zy Luca
Buy Me Lunch

This Tip Jar goes everywhere you go

No more broadcasting your Venmo username and praying that money starts rolling in!

Now there’s a tip jar right inside your social profile or your Linktree that collects tips from any major credit card or PayPal. 

The most important feature of the Tip Jar is that it works directly inside any social networking site or app. Your fans can send you money without any interruption of your performance or their online engagement.

Who needs Patreon?

Many successful creators receive monthly payments through Patreon, where they run an ongoing campaign in order to build subscribers. That model doesn’t work for everyone, but even Patreon creators themselves are making use of the link in bio Tip Jar.

Creators are taking advantage of this trend all across social media:

And why not? Whether you have millions of followers or just a few hundred, you’ve already done the hard work of growing a subscriber base on your social media accounts. It’s the perfect place to collect tips from fans and admirers of your work.

Link In Bio Tip Jar FAQ

Consider these top tips to start earning tips via your link in bio. 

How do you add a tip jar to your link in bio? 

To add a tip jar to your link in bio, simply select the right tip jar for your needs from the Koji app store and add it to your link in bio. 

Does Instagram have a tip jar?

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in tip jar, but you can easily add one to your Instagram bio link with the help of Koji. 

Is there a tip jar app?

Yes! There are several free tip jar apps on Koji that can be hosted in your social media bio link. 

Can you tip someone on Instagram?

You can tip any Instagram user that has set up a virtual tip jar in their link in bio. 

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