Why Creators Choose “Link in Bio” Video Requests Over Cameo

Paid video requests aren’t just for celebrities.

Cameo paved the way for shout-outs from famous people.

Now a growing number of creators, bloggers, and ordinary social media users are finding success with the same technique, except they’re doing it inside their “Link in Bio.”

It Happens Right Inside Your Profile

We’ve already discussed how Instant Experiences are critical for your “Link in Bio” because they keep users inside your profile instead of taking them away like ordinary links.

Unlike Cameo, Video Requests are an instant experience. This means it’s available to followers from all your social networks right where they already are.

In addition, Cameo takes a hefty 30% commission on all money earned. “Link in Bio” video requests allow creators to keep additional profits, since Koji only takes 20%.

Connect with your followers

Video requests aren’t just a way to make money, they also strengthen your connection to your audience.

Paid videos offer fans exclusive access, as well as a reward for following you on social media.

Unlike Cameo, these videos are more than just “shout-outs.” Here are just a few ways creators use video requests:

Take Song Requests

Many musicians are offering to play fans favorite songs by selling videos in their “Link in Bio.”

TikTok creator FluteDudeMusic appeals to fans for paid flute renditions of any song they request.

The ability to source requests from every social network means that musicians are now able to get paid to gig whenever they like.

Offer Paid Lessons

“Link in Bio” video requests give you the flexibility to offer your followers different types of lessons, tutorials, or “how-to” videos.

Video is a powerful platform for teaching, and the ability to offer paid videos is critical for any type of professional, artist, or teacher to be effective on social media.

There are so many uses for Video Requests

Experts can use Video Requests to host an ongoing AMA (“ask me anything”).

Professionals can sell their tips and tricks through social media.

Comedians can roast their fans, sell individual jokes, or an impression of someone.

Artists can sell not only their artwork, but behind-the-scenes video as well.

And, of course, celebrities can give shout-outs.

Click here to create your own Link in Bio and start taking video requests similar to Cameo.