NFT Collectors and Owners Need A Link In Bio

If you’re an NFT collector or you’ve even created your own NFT project, having Koji’s Link in Bio is a necessary tool to help manage your NFT activities. 

Koji’s Link in Bio not only allows you to display, trade and integrate NFTs into your everyday life with a collection of easy-to-use Web3 mini-apps, but it also seamlessly integrates into your favorite social channels where you’re discussing NFT content. Using Koji’s Link in Bio has major benefits for both NFT collectors and owners, and we review these benefits here. 

Why Having a Link in Bio is Essential for Project Owners

Using your Link in Bio Pre-Launch

As an NFT project owner, you want to see your NFT community thrive and you want to use the best tools to make this happen. Part of your NFT project’s success is dependent upon building a cohesive community around your NFT, and providing project followers a simple link to a rich set of your content can help pull your community together. 

One way to do this is by integrating your Link in Bio to your Twitter profile, so that followers of your NFT project on Twitter can link to a collection of identifying information about you. This will give you credibility and show them that they are dealing with a real “doxxed” person and not a random Web3 stranger. It also may make them more confident in buying your NFT. 

  • Twitter is one of the top 2 platforms that are used by the NFT community to discuss and research NFT projects, so you want to be able to connect with your followers in the most effective way possible on this platform. 
  • By integrating your Link in Bio into your Twitter profile, you’re giving the Twitter community and potential future investors in your NFT project an easy way to find out more about you and your project.

You can also integrate your Link in Bio into Instagram and TikTok as well to provide useful information about your project in a centralized location. 

Using your Link in Bio Post-Launch

Integrating your Link in Bio to your Twitter profile will also help you once your NFT project has launched and minted. This is because since you initiated the process of your followers clicking on your Link in Bio during the pre-launch phase, it will be a familiar place for them to turn to when they look to cash in on the utility you provide through your NFT. 

After you’ve successfully launched your NFT, now you have a community of people who have aligned themselves with your art and vision. It’s time to start rewarding those who bought into your NFT, and you can do this through air-drop style benefits that you make available through your link in bio. 
One of the best parts about this is that you do not need to write code or modify a smart contract to air-drop benefits to your NFT holders. You can simply use Koji’s locked content mini-apps like NFT Locked Images and NFT Locked Videos to give only NFT holders access to exclusive content. As a creator, leveraging Koji’s mini-apps that are available through Link in Bio allows you to save time and use Web3 smart contracts without needing to write a line of code.

Why Using Koji’s Link in Bio is a Must for NFT Collectors

You Need a Reliable Platform for Displaying Your NFTs

If you’re an NFT collector and you’ve been in the NFT space for a while, then you know that NFT platforms like OpenSea are often unreliable. 

  • OpenSea has aptly been nicknamed “BrokenSea” by many in the NFT community because it is often broken and experiencing downtime, and that’s why you want to use an alternative like Koji’s NFT Gallery 2.0 or the NFT Storefront mini-app for displaying and selling your NFTs.
  • By including your Link in Bio directly on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or another social platform, you’re giving your contacts a reliable source where they can find your NFTs on display. 

You Need Your Followers to Know Which NFTs Are Yours

Your followers should know which NFTs you own without having to go to an external platform like OpenSea. 

  • It’s easy for them to just follow your Link in Bio and see which NFTs you own through the NFT mini-apps. 
  • If they want to buy one of your NFTs to support you, they’ll be confident that they bought it from the correct person because they followed your Link in Bio to get to it. 

Having a Link in Bio Keeps Your Content and NFTs All in One Place

As a creator and NFT user, using your Link in Bio will keep your content and NFTs all in one place and allow you to connect with your followers seamlessly. Sign up and create your Link in Bio today so you can manage your NFTs and followers with ease.