With Koji IP Rights Holders Can Engage Audiences and Create New Revenue Streams

Do you own intellectual property (IP) rights for a story, brand, character, or product? Are you looking for a fresh, engaging way to market or monetize your IP? Well then, look no further than Koji. Our fully-customizable, interactive game and content templates open up a whole new channel for you to connect with your audience, customers, and fans, and to package and extract revenue from your existing IP!

Marketing Campaigns Enhanced With Koji

Koji’s templates offer the perfect medium for creating interactive marketing campaigns to promote or enhance your IP. Instead of rolling out new content on social media using the same-old, non-interactive images and videos, customize an existing Koji template with your own trademarked and copyrighted content.

  • Make your proprietary characters the protagonists of a Koji game!
  • Transform a Koji template into an interactive, branded experience!
  • Take a story element from your IP and match it to one of the multitude of Koji experiences that give your audience a chance to live it firsthand!

With Koji, your marketing campaigns can finally escape the confines of mostly-passive customer engagement. Now audiences can love your story, characters, products, or brand because they interact with them and send them to friends and followers. Imagine using a Koji template gameplay to reveal a new product, introduce a story twist, or to win a key to unlocking customer perks!

Or, consider this: users got hooked on Angry Birds long before it became a movie. That is one way to utilize IP. But why make the public wait for popular game characters to make the jump to the big screen? What if, instead, you could promote your existing movie, show, or trademarked product, by making its IP assets your customers’ next Angry Birds-style obsession?

With Koji, you can!

Revenue Streams Opened With Koji

That’s not all! Koji also opens up exciting new opportunities for generating lucrative revenue streams from your IP rights. Leave behind your worries that you have to spend money on game design and development before realizing a penny of revenue from new digital content. With Koji, we’ve done the hard work already, putting new potential revenue streams (literally) at your fingertips!

IP Asset Packs

One great way to monetize your IP through Koji: create an asset pack consisting of your own trademarked and copyrighted images or sounds that Koji Makers can incorporate into their own customizations.

Koji makes it easy to join our Partner Marketplace and get started selling your IP asset pack to Makers in just a few simple steps. License your assets for a fee, sit back, and watch the revenues roll-in simply by empowering Koji’s avid community of Makers to show their love of your characters, stories, brands, and products by inserting them into their own customizations. Have questions about how Makers can put your asset pack to use? Connect with our team on Discord.

Paywall Your Content

Everyone loves exclusive access and special perks. With Koji, you can generate new revenue by putting a customized, interactive Koji game or user experience behind a paywall, available only to your loyal, paying customers, followers, and audiences. Our easy-to-use paywall plugin makes charging for access to your customized Koji content a snap.

  • Bundle access to a bonus Koji game with the purchase of a ticket, video download, or streaming subscription as a special incentive for customers to buy now.
  • Offer a customized, branded Koji interactive experience for free to a limited number of users to create buzz, then paywall it to monetize is popularity.
  • Incorporate a menu of new and exciting Koji games as regular feature of your behind-the-paywall delivery of core IP content. Every new streaming release comes with a game release to match!

We’re just riffing here, but you get the idea. Your customers will pay to enjoy your IP when you enhance it with Koji.

Imagine This…

The possibilities for creating new engagement and revenue with Koji make it one of the most dynamic and exciting new opportunities for IP rights holders in a digital generation. Think of it: you own the IP to a hot new streaming series. Your social media team quickly detects a growing, avid viewer base who just LOVE holding virtual watch parties and trying to predict plot twists in real-time. To capitalize on the buzz, with Koji you can roll out a game that teases new character developments or unlocks secrets to solving an on-screen mystery.

Or, try this on for size: your tried-and-true consumer product is long overdue for a logo redesign and a fresh injection of customers. The trick, however, is to roll out the new look without alienating or confusing your loyal customer base. Getting them to engage with the new brand logo could make the difference between a seamless transition and a branding disaster. With Koji, you can ease your customers into your updated aesthetic by weaving it into an interactive game…maybe even one that makes them feel invested in the evolution!

And here’s one more: you’ve written and DIY recorded some absolutely dope beats that, if only they can break through, will earn you a loyal following and some major attention. How to get your music noticed? With Koji, that’s how! Your Koji customization can include sounds you record, so why not weave your tunes into a game that leads players on a journey to your paid downloads? Or, alternatively, why not sample some of your favorites riffs and offer them up as a paid asset pack to test the waters and see if your creations sell?

Koji + IP Rights = Opportunity

Without exaggeration, brainstorming the opportunities IP rights holders have with Koji gets our pulse racing a little. We see virtually endless possibilities for creative, exciting engagement with customers and audiences, and for collecting easy-to-generate revenue. If you hold IP rights, then we bet you feel the same way. So take a spin around withkoji.com, try out our easy-to-use customization tools, and take a step into the future of making the most of your IP rights.

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