Your ‘Link in Bio’ Just Got Some Killer New Features


Koji Profiles introduce new functionality that advances ‘Link in Bio’ far beyond Linktree.

Creators now have a range of new features at their disposal.

We’ve already discussed how ‘Link in Bio’ is critical to engage and monetize your social media followers, so taking advantage of all this new functionality right inside your profile is a top priority.

Here’s a deeper look at some of the capabilities just released:

HD Backgrounds

Video is a vital way to showcase your brand and build identity. Koji Profiles support 4K backgrounds with crystal-clear video and no buffering.


This is a massive win for creators of all types, allowing them the kinds of eye-catching branding techniques previously reserved for major brands.

Now anyone can make their own custom video background, or simply paste in the link of a YouTube video.

Here’s a beautiful example from NYC chef @AnsleyCooks. And check out how recording artist @JonMossLOL uses 4K video.

HD backgrounds are an entirely new way for creators to communicate with fans.

Audio Player

Share the music that’s been moving you: Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud now work right inside your profile.

Recommend songs, playlists, or even use your Link in Bio as a place to DJ your own radio station.

This functionality is available directly inside any social network or mobile app, giving anyone the power to broadcast audio to followers.


Custom embed codes allow musicians, comedians, public speakers, and podcasters to place an audio clip from any source into their profile.

Your ‘Link in Bio’ is the perfect place to distribute audio to followers on all your social accounts. And with Koji Profiles, creators now have the ability to make listening a central part of every visitor’s experience.

Embed Social Posts

How do you get followers on one platform to see a post from a different social network?

One of Koji Profiles killer new features allows you to share social posts right inside your profile.


Use this feature to post evergreen content: an Instagram photo that never gets old, or how about that time your joke got a lot of retweets on Twitter?

Or you could point profile visitors towards your most recent update.

The best part is it’s available right inside any social network or mobile app. This means your followers on one platform can go into your Link in Bio and start engaging with–and even liking, commenting and sharing–a post from an entirely different network.

Broadcast Your Status

Social media is great for keeping up with how people are doing, and the ability to set an interactive expression of your personal status is a powerful new way to communicate.


Type a simple status. Choose a GIF, a sticker, or a stock background. Take a selfie!

Broadcasting your status is a fast way to let everyone know how you are, and having it right inside your Link in Bio means that followers on all your social accounts will see it.

Check back here for more tips on best practices for your ‘Link in Bio,’ and click here to learn more about Koji Profiles or to create your own.