YouTube and TikTok Sensation Piper Rockelle Launches Rares, a New Creator Economy App

Millions of creators can add Rares to their Link In Bios to monetize exclusive content and more deeply engage their audiences

LOS ANGELES – YouTube sensation Piper Rockelle, whose videos have amassed almost 2 billion views, today announced the launch of a new creator economy app, Rares, on Koji, the leading app store for social media creators. Rares allows creators to promote and monetize exclusive content while creating fun challenges to increase their followers’ engagement directly on their link in bio across all social media services.

Creators make a “Rare” by choosing a photo or video and then hiding it with pixelation, stickers, and text. Then, fans unlock that content by entering a password, paying money, or answering a quiz question, depending on how the creator has configured the app. These unlock mechanisms have endless potential to encourage more interaction, streams, views, watch time, etc., on that creator’s existing content.

“When I first started making Rares, I was doing it by hand. I’d blur images in Photoshop and then add all of the stickers and text on Instagram. It was definitely a time-intensive process, but my fans really love it, so I kept making them. Having my own app where I can do that all in one place makes things so much easier, and I’m excited that other creators can now start making their own Rares too,” said Rockelle.

“Social media creators have developed all kinds of bespoke workflows to create and publish their content. The natural next step is for creators to ‘app-ify’ those workflows to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to get things done, not only for themselves but for millions of other creators. It’s inspiring to see a young, visionary creator like Piper develop new tools and bring them to market for the next generation of creators,” said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Koji.

Rares is free to use and available today on the Koji App Store.

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