How Zackery Torres Uses Their Link in Bio to Fight for Gender Inclusivity

Dancer and social media personality Zackery Torres uses their profile to provide fans with resources to facilitate gender inclusivity.

Zachary Torres is a dancer, social media personality, and CEO of Continuum Community, an online resource to teach and discuss gender inclusivity within communities. Identifying as non-gender binary, Zackery Torres has made it their primary mission to educate others about gender inclusivity and acceptance. 

Torres is no stranger to the spotlight. As a young contestant on the popular Dance Moms spin off Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, and now a current dance student at the University of Southern California, they have been navigating the expanding social media atmosphere in a very public way. 

Koji has become Torres’s primary “Link In Bio” tool.

Torres shares all of their important resources using a link list similar to Linktree. However, on Koji Torres can sell their book, An Evolving Conversation on Gender: Dance Edition, right within their social media accounts. 

The fully-customizable Koji Profile and its powerful collection of interactive templates allow Torres to engage directly with users.

Zackery is able to seamlessly offer a wide variety of content that’s both on-brand and meeting their needs for community outreach.

In addition, because Kojis are links, Torres is able to use their existing social media and engage directly on platforms like Instagram.

Torres also has their own ongoing Group Story allowing fans to post questions which are answered on their recurring IG Livestream.


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