Mr. Fungible’s Top 4 Tips to Growing Your NFT Project

Growing an NFT project can present a number of unique challenges, but is made easier with these helpful tips from Mr. Fungible to help you use your time, tools and resources most effectively. 

According to Mr. Fungible, adding utility to your NFT project is key to helping it grow because, “If you want people to really lust after your NFTs then you’re going to have to provide some kind of utility, because buyers are simply demanding it. Utility means making your NFTs more than just a JPEG and actually giving them a kind of superpower.”

Let’s dive into the tools and methods that Mr. Fungible recommends you use to add utility to your project.

1. Make Your NFT the Gateway to Your Best Content

Mr. Fungible agrees that “one great way to add utility is to create an NFT that acts as a key to unlock certain content or an insider community that only the buyers of your NFT can access.”

  • The good news is that there’s already free tools called Koji mini-apps that will help you do this. 
  • Koji is a free Link in Bio App Store for creators and you can actually launch apps from your very own platform.

Mr. Fungible likes the Unlock With NFT mini-app because “it allows you to add utility in just a few minutes.”

  • Just add the app then you can hide images and other content behind an exclusive NFT-holders only locked gate
  • You can then point your buyers toward it and when the app detects the NFT, it just lets them in.

Think of your NFT as the gate to a world of your content, accessible only to those holders of your NFT. Your NFT is an access pass, unlocking whatever content you hide behind your NFT gate!

You’ll naturally make some of your content available to the masses so that your art can be seen by the world, but save some of your best content for the insiders in your NFT community. By creating a situation where only certain people can experience your selected content, you’re inherently communicating to your audience that this content has value. This is important if you want to attract more people to your project and help it grow. 

Koji has a host of other mini-apps that will allow you to easily create and maintain this virtual gateway to your content, adding utility to your NFT project. Some ways that you can use this virtual gateway are:

  • For podcasters or writers, hide a private letter to fans or a how-to guide using the NFT Locked E-Books & PDFs mini-app.
  • Limit access to a new video of you discussing the next developments in your NFT project using NFT Locked Videos
  • Package other valuable information into secret files and provide gated access using NFT Locked Files

Having a gateway to your best content lets fans and the rest of the world know that what you have behind that wall is valuable, and that it is worth owning your NFT to access. This appeal will keep a sense of demand for your gated content and drive the growth of your NFT project.

2. Use NFT Secret Messages to Create an “Alpha Wall”

Another app that Mr. Fungible recommends is the NFT Secret Message mini-app. “This one’s great,” he says. “You can add secret messages that can only be read by NFT holders. So you could make this your ‘alpha wall’ if you wanted, and drop the hottest info or updates right in the app.”

Why would you want to create secret content? Mr. Fungible highlights that, “One of the best forms of marketing in this game is creating FOMO, and the secret message acts like a tease. Anyone without the NFT can see that there’s something on the other side, but they can’t read it. And that curiosity can be something that helps your viewers want your NFT more.” 

Creating an Alpha Wall will make those who can’t access the secret information want to be a part of the community, and incentivize them to buy your NFT. It also makes the community appear to be more valuable from the outside, and it makes members on the inside grateful they’re a part of the community. 

One useful way to use your Alpha Wall is to hide the access code to an exclusive Discord server in a secret message. 

  • Only holders of your NFT can see the secret message with the code to access your Discord server. 
  • Once holders see the Discord access code, they can join your Discord and chat with others in your exclusive community. 

Another way to use your Alpha Wall is to hide messages about updates to your NFT project. Maybe you have an exciting collaboration in the works that you want to announce only to holders – this is where you can use the NFT Secret Message mini-app to communicate this news to your NFT community. 

Your Alpha Wall will serve two valuable functions in helping your NFT project grow. It will make NFT holders inside the community thankful that they have access to exclusive information and feel a part of something special, and it will make outsiders who don’t own your NFT want into the community. This provides both stability and cohesiveness to your community, in addition to outside appeal to attract newcomers to the project.

3. Use the NFT Message Wall to Create FOMO

Another tool that will help you grow your NFT project or increase your followers is the NFT Message Wall mini-app, which let’s anyone who owns an NFT from a specific collection post a message to your wall. 

Mr. Fungible says about the NFT Message Wall mini-app, “What I really love about this one is that you don’t even need an NFT project to use it. When I was testing this out, I made a Secret Message Wall for only holders of the Mutant Apes. What happens is that anyone can see the messages, but only holders of the Mutant Apes can comment.

It’s another way of showing off the value your community might hold, but it doesn’t let outsiders participate, which creates FOMO and FOMO is amazing for sales.”

  • Also, by giving only NFT holders the ability to post to your wall, you’re making them feel like they have a voice in your community and like they’re a valuable member.

One additional benefit to using FOMO to create demand from the outside community, is that it makes members who are inside your community or are NFT holders feel like they’re part of something exclusive. 

Tools such as the NFT Message Wall mini-app help create valuable, exclusive experiences for your NFT holders, which will keep them enthusiastic about your project and retain them as your project grows. 

While it’s crucial that you attract new people to your NFT project using things like FOMO, it’s equally important to make sure that you maintain a strong core group of people in your community to help your project grow. You can achieve this by using Koji’s other Web3 mini-apps to make members feel like valued members of an exclusive community. 

4. Run Promotions or Giveaways Using Giveaway an NFT

An amazing way to generate interest among people who don’t yet own your NFT is to run a giveaway using the Giveaway an NFT Koji mini-app. This mini app will let you connect with people who are holders of another NFT project, and allow them to enter your giveaway by simply owning that specific NFT.

For example, you could run a giveaway for anyone who owns a Doodles NFT, where the winner of the giveaway gets a 1:1 meet and greet with yours truly. This would let anyone with a Doodles enter to win the prize, and this allows you to provide incentives to community members of big-time NFT projects. After you run a giveaway for Doodles holders, you could run another one for Bored Ape Yacht Club holders and gain even more additional exposure to that community. 

Each time you run a giveaway to a different group of people, you’re incentivizing them to take an interest in your NFT project. 

Keep them on the edge of their seat waiting for you to announce a winner! 

By running giveaways strategically to different groups, you’ll expand your audience and help grow your NFT project with the Giveaway an NFT mini-app. 

Koji’s Mini-apps Are Built for Growth

Growing your NFT project pre- and post-launch will not be without its trials, but you’ll meet your growth goals if you’re using Koji’s Web3 mini-apps and following these recommendations from Mr. Fungible himself to help you on your way. 

These tools allow you to leverage your content and manage your community all through your Link in Bio, while at the same time incorporating the best features of a winning NFT project. Use the Koji mini-apps to help you grow your project into something you and your fans are wildly proud of.