5 Essential Koji Mini-Apps For Tour

Are you ready to hit the road? Before you head out on tour, you’ll want to make sure your link in bio is up to date and ready to share with your audience. Fortunately, Koji has plenty of apps perfect for promoting your music and staying engaged with your fans while touring from one town to the next. 

Below, we’ll dive into 5 of the most essential Koji mini-apps for touring musicians and share some of the best ways to use your link in bio to promote your music. 

5 Best Koji Apps For Tour 

Koji has plenty of mini apps for musicians, but the following are positioned perfectly for life on the road. Add these apps to your link in bio and get ready to rock! 

1. Event Calendar 

To keep fans up to date on your latest tour stop, make sure you add Event Calendar to your link in bio toolbox. This free app only takes a couple of minutes to set up, and provides your fans with a show description, photo, and link to buy tickets. 

It’s completely free and and can be edited without too much hassle, giving your fans clear updates on where they can come see you shine. 

How To Use Event Calendar on Tour 

This all-purpose calendar feed can be used for just about any event you’re holding on or off tour! Here are some events you might want to build into your Event Calendar mini app: 

  • Show dates 
  • Fans meetups 
  • Album signings
  • Live panels or interviews 
  • Listening parties 

2. Email Collection

Believe it or not, building an email list as a musician is a key way to grow your following and deepen your connections with fans while you’re on and off tour. Fortunately, Koji has a Collect Email mini app to quickly capture emails while on tour, directly in your link in bio.

Outside of Collect Email, there are also other mini apps like Locked Photo and Video, Giveaway, and Unlock By that allow you to collect fan’s emails while offering exclusive content for fans. 

How To Earn Emails on Tour

Building your email list provides you with valuable data and direct access to some of your most engaged fans. Consider these strategies for building your email list while on tour: 

  • Share exclusive merch discounts via your email newsletter
  • Keep a QR code on the merch table leading back to your Koji profile and Collect Email app
  • Turn your email newsletter into a BTS tour archive
  • Incentivize your fans to access exclusive tour content by collecting emails in Unlock By

3. Locked Photo and Video

Locked Photo and Video is one of the best apps for musicians whether you’re on or off tour. This mini app makes it easy for musicians with fanbases big and small to monetize content under a pay wall or in exchange for email collection. 

You can create as many versions of the Locked Photo and Video app as you’d like so be sure to test out as many ideas as you’d like. 

How To Use Locked Photo and Video on Tour 

There are plenty of opportunities on tour to create content for Locked Photo and Video! Here are  a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Show your fans your secret pre-show ritual
  • Create a photo album of tour pictures for every city you visit
  • Make vlogs in the greenroom of every city
  • Share some pictures of some of the favorite places you dined on tour, creating your own personalized fan food guide

4. Photo Guestbook

The Photo Guestbook mini app converts your link in bio into a customizable photo booth for you and your fans to enjoy. This makes sharing show videos easy, and fans will be able to connect with other members in your community all while sharing snaps. 

Guests can post photos directly to the guestbook in your link in bio which can be customized with personalized frames or put into preset albums. This is a great way to strengthen your community and keep the connection going long after your tour stop. 

How To Use Photo Guestbook on Tour

Here are a couple of ways to get your fans to check into your guestbook while on tour. 

  • Have fans share photos while in queue to the venue 
  • Create custom frames for each city 
  • Share your favorite fan snaps via social media
  • Build an album for people going to shows solo for meetup opportunities 
  • Make tour albums for each stop so fans can easily share photos and connect with each other 

5. Shoutout

Shoutout allows musicians to monetize personalized fan videos and reach out to engaged fans while on the road. You can set up as many types of Shoutouts as you’d like and set your own price for each personalized video. Fans can make custom requests according to your preset rules for each video type, and can follow along the journey from purchase to receiving the personalized content on the backend. 

Going on tour naturally provides plenty of opportunities for Shoutout since the band is altogether in one place, and you have the leverage of the stage as a setting. 

How To Use Shoutout on Tour

Tour provides plenty of unique Shoutout opportunities for you and your fans. Here are a couple of ways to make the most out of this mini app: 

  • Create a premium on-stage shoutout for every tour
  • Offer Shoutouts from different band members or pairs of band members while everyone is together
  • Vlog behind the scenes before going on stage
  • Let fans know you’re doing a limited amount of shoutouts in the greenroom before going on stage 
  • Share a special song on your fan’s tour stop of choice that isn’t in the usual set list 

Koji is an incredibly powerful tool for musicians, whether you’re making an album or touring it. Enjoy using these mini apps to connect with your fans and promote your budding link in bio

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