5 Must-See Music Profiles And What They’re Doing Right

Having an awesome link in bio as a musician is essential. After all, a strong link in bio can serve as a pocket website or EPK that can help you connect with fans, score gigs, and build your audience from the ground up.   

Below, we’ll showcase 5 of the most effective link in bios crafted by musicians on Koji and share some key optimization tips. 

What Do All Great Koji Profiles Have In Common? 

There isn’t one way to have an awesome Koji profile. One of Koji’s greatest strengths is the abundance of customization features, which allow you to connect with your audience in your own voice. 

However, as showcased below, these highly effective profiles make it easy for fans to listen to their music, watch their content, or contact them directly. Fans don’t have to search for these functions since they’re readily accessible in an aesthetically-pleasing, digestible manner. 

More so, effective Koji users are actively creating a system for their fans to support them. Many fans would be happy to support their favorite artists, especially if it led to more music. But if you don’t give them the opportunity to support you, it simply won’t happen. 

Koji provides artists with the infrastructure they need to extend a hand to fans to make art monetizable at any stage in your career. Some our strongest creators creatively embed mini apps into their link in bio and support their calling as a result. 

In short, great Koji profiles create a positive branding experience for listeners, prioritize accessibility, and utilize mini apps to facilitate direct interactions with fans. 

5 Awesome Musician Koji Profiles and What We Can Learn From Them 

Let’s take a look at some amazing musician profiles on Koji! From beatmakers to recording artists, a supercharged link in bio can make all of the difference. 


Indie Synth Pop artist Chavar Dontae sure knows how to make a profile pop! By employing custom and cohesive visuals and stand out text, navigating his Koji isn’t just easy, it’s an experience. 

You can quickly access Chavar’s music releases through the Music Links app, send support via Love Jar, or leave a photo via Photo Guestbook. Within a couple of clicks, you can get a taste of Chavar’s live performance style, check out his latest TikTok, or even order some stickers through Sell Physical Products. 


House artist and producer The Artist Never Die keeps you captivated with his engaging Koji profile. This musician utilizes an engaging video background with high contrast font, so that you don’t have to strain to take advantage of the profile’s features. 

Through Media Wall, the artist deepens interactions with fans by showcasing some of his favorite art pieces. There’s also direct access to Tip Jar and stickers for sale via Sell Physical Products allowing his audience to send their support. 


Artists and video director Trynket draws you in with the looping background and customized buttons built to match her color scheme. With a couple of clicks, you can check out her latest single via Music Links and join her mailing list via Email Collection.

Fans can also have fun playing her customized game while jamming out to her beats via the Invaders mini app. 


Dafingaz incorporates his logo marked over a looping video clip for an effective, branded link in bio background. The beatmaker and educator allows you to download samples and demo projects directly through Affiliate Links

Fans that want to learn more on a one-on-one basis can book a session with the producer via Sell A Service. The artist also builds his email list via Collect Emails and can earn directly from supporters with Tip Jar


Producer Lxgend showcases his skills while monetizing his art with Locked Audio. The video profile background gives you a unique view of the artist all while providing needed contrast against the orange text. 

You can also enjoy Lxgend’s informative video courses through the YouTube Embed or listen to his music through Music Links

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to craft a successful link in bio on Koji. Ultimately, build a link in bio that provides your fans with quick access to your experience as an artist and opportunities to provide direct support. 

You can create a Koji profile in minutes for free utilizing the link below. With free customization features and mini apps, you’ll be able to draw in fans in your authentic voice. Enjoy sharing your music on Koji! 

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