Audition For Musicians

Are you struggling to find the next artist to feature on your track? Want to build a song with your fans? You’ll have no trouble doing so with the power of Audition!

This link in bio mini app makes it easy for you to connect on another level with fans and seek out new talent. Below, we’ll share how you can use this mini app to your advantage as an artist. 

Why Should Creators Use Audition

If you’re looking to grow your audience or find your next collaborator, Audition is the tool you’ve been looking for. This mini app lives directly in your link in bio, making it easy for your audience to chime in while enjoying your other content, all without leaving their original platform. 

In an over-saturated music market, collaborating with other artists is one of the best ways to grow your fanbase. By making space for other creators, you’re instantly cross-pollinating each other’s fanbases, so inviting artists into your creative bubble is a win-win! 

How Does Audition Work? 

Audition lives directly in your link in bio and only takes a couple of moments to set up. Simply add the mini app to your Koji, and upload an introduction video with a title and description. You can also upload a zip file for additional information. 

You can also customize the link text and message sent out to participants so that they know what to expect. From there, artists are free to submit their ideas to your mini app. 

Audition Ideas 

You can use Audition to source fans and talented collaborators for just about anything. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Find your next featured musician or DJ
  • Seek out talent for a short film or movie
  • Find dancers or creators to generate ideas for your music video
  • Seek out bandmates
  • Select a couple of lucky fans to feature 
  • Have fans audition to be your mod on communities like Discord
  • Hold a contest 
  • Run a giveaway based on the best audition
  • Have someone create an official dance trend for your song 

How To Promote Audition

The more auditions you can source, the more chances you have of finding top-tier talent. Here’s how you can promote Audition to land more submissions from your audience:

1. Repurpose Content

With your fan’s consent, share some of your favorite auditions via social media! You can add a link directly to your Koji mini app to help funnel new fans to your audition page. Most fans will appreciate the shoutout, and it provides you with an engagement opportunity without creating extra work. 

2. Make it Into A Contest

Not every audition has to result in an artist earning a remix or spot in your next video. Keep in mind that you can also use auditions to give away tickets and merch, or just showcase some of your fan’s stories. Give your fans a precise deadline for the contest so that they’re incentivized to get their entries in quickly. 

3. Hold Different Types of Auditions 

Remember that there’s no limit to the number of mini apps you can source on your Koji link in bio. Create different types of auditions to cater to your various subsets of fans. Don’t forget to customize your link text and photo. 

Audition can be an invaluable link-in-bio tool for creators. Have fun using this mini app to grow and collaborate with your audience!