Best Koji Apps to Engage With Your Fans in 2022

Engaging and building connections with your audience is one of the most important things you can do as a content creator. Done successfully, your fans and followers will become your brand ambassadors, creating buzz and interest in your content and brand. A well-designed Koji Link in Bio gives you new ways to engage audiences, often more deeply and for much longer than just swiping through your content on a social media feed.

With over 200 apps in the Koji App Store, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to adding engaging new experiences to your Link in Bio.

Top Apps for Audience Engagement

Since audience engagement is an integral part of the creator economy, we’ve built several apps that can help you develop meaningful relationships with your audience. A few of our favorite apps for engagement are:

Below, we’ll provide more details on some of the top apps for audience engagement.

Ask Me Anything 2.0

Like reaction videos, Ask Me Anythings or AMAs are an internet staple that can help you build intimate and authentic relationships with your audience. The Ask Me Anything 2.0 app lets followers submit questions to their favorite creators, who can respond through short video responses.

As a creator, you’re given the option to monetize the app by choosing whether a question is free or costs money. You can also create a countdown for your AMA to let your followers know when you’re available to take questions.


Duet is designed to crowdsource live video or audio reactions from fans in your link in bio. You can post short-form video challenges that your fans can respond to with their own video or audio clips accompanying your original. You can pin your favorite duets to the top of the feed and moderate posts with a couple of clicks.

When fans submit their video or audio, they’ll be able to leave their email address, allowing you to build up your email list. You also have the option to share your favorite duets directly from the app, which is an excellent way to get your fans excited about your video challenges.

Truth or Dare

The Truth or Dare app mashes the familiarity and fun of the internet challenge culture to create a uniquely playful experience for you and your followers. Once the app is live on your Link in Bio, a fan can pay money to ask you questions or dare you to complete a challenge. Your audience can boost the question or dare by contributing more money to the post within the app.

You can choose to accept the challenge and receive the donated money or decline, where the money is automatically refunded.

Photo Guestbook & Video Guestbook

If you love collaborating with your audience and including them in your content, you should consider adding one of these guestbooks to your Link in Bio profile. You can use them as a way to give your fans a voice, collaborate, and crowdsource content around a specific topic—or use it as a fun space for fans to say hello. All posts are public, and you can moderate the content on the feed. Photo Guestbook lets your audience post photos, making it a great way to share selfies, views, and artwork. The Video Guestbook app is a dedicated space where your audience can record and post videos.


Reaction videos have been around for decades and have become an internet staple. They’re one of the best ways to build an engaging and authentic relationship with your audience and give them access to another side of you. Koji’s Reactoo was created by Abdul Wahab, a developer within the Koji Community. The app builds on the original premise by letting followers send video links to their favorite creators. Fans can then vote on the app’s feed for the videos they want creators to react to on their social media.

Final Thoughts

While these are some of our favorite apps for engagement, your options are limitless as the Koji App Store expands. New apps are being added weekly to help creators of all backgrounds build and monetize their brands.