Boost It For Musicians 

One of the best ways to build your online presence as a musician is to livestream on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Boost It makes it easy for musicians to embed livestreams and favorite content directly into their link in bios while collecting tips from supporters. 

Below, we’ll showcase why every musician should use Boost It and showcase a couple of ways to drum up support from fans. Let’s dive in! 

Why Should Musicians Use Boost It?

Creating content for your fans and art is a central part of being a musician. However, many platforms like YouTube only offer monetization to a select group of creators. Thankfully, Koji makes it easy to monetize your music through link in bio mini apps like Boost It

With Boost It, musicians can monetize their live Twitch stream, YouTube stream, or pre-recorded content directly in their supercharged link in bio. Pairing a one-click tipping opportunity with content or livestream embeds incentivizes fans to support you in real-time. 

It also makes it easy for your audience to interact with you from anywhere and everywhere. Fans don’t have to download anything to access your Boost It feed and can support you from their original browser. Simply put, musicians should use Boost It since it pairs the valuable content you’re already creating with an opportunity to earn tips, without the gatekeeping presented on other platforms. 

Boost It offers musicians a window into their most engaged fans, which makes cultivating new audience members less daunting. 

How Does Boost It Work?  

Boost It is simple and effective by design and only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Start by adding the mini app, uploading your prerecorded content, or embedding a YouTube or Twitch livestream link. You can add a Title and Description, and set your mini app to live.

From there, fans will be able to seamlessly support your cause, while enjoying the content in real time. Top supporters will be showcased in lower half of the Boost It feed, incentivizing fans to bolster their position. 

It can also be used in conjunction with the crowdfunding mini app Fund My Project. This dynamic mini app duo makes it easy for you to monetize your music making process from start to finish. 

How Should Musicians Use Boost It

Are you just starting your livestream journey as a musician? Here are a couple of eye and ear-catching ideas to inspire your streams hosted through Boost It: 

  • Album, EP, or single release listening party 
  • Listening through auditions for a curated playlist
  • Live DJ set
  • Livestream of hanging out in the green room 
  • Behind the scenes of a cover art shoot or photoshoot 
  • Chatting with fans 
  • A live production breakdown of one of your songs
  • A makeup tutorial or get-ready-with-me style stream prepping for a show or public appearance
  • Direct live stream of your set 
  • Live Q&As
  • A live “drum cam” or special view of your live performance

You can also upload any video content you’ve already created and run it through your Boost It feed. Placing past content on Boost It provides musicians to continually monetize their creatios. Here are a couple of ideas to consider:

  • Music videos
  • Recorded livestreams
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Spotify Canvas clips 
  • Press clips
  • Music visualizers 
  • Interviews

Remember that there’s no limit to how many Boost It mini apps you host on your profile, so you can monetize limitless amounts of content. 

How To Promote Boost It

Monetize your music live streams by promoting Boost It on your link in bio. Try out these effective promotion strategies:

1. Be Consistent 

Boost It can host prerecorded content which is an awesome way to monetize your creations. However, the livestreaming feature can help you build a rapport with your top supporters, especially if you can do it consistently. Promote your livestreams ahead of time, and set reminders through your social media stories so that they’ll be notified when you go live. 

2. Host Interactive Streams

Including your fans on the process helps foster a stronger connection and can lead to more direct support. Make a habit of hosting interactive live streams where you’re connecting directly with fans, whether that’s through a live Q&A or listening party. Let your fans know how their support will translate into your art. 

3. Customize Your Mini App 

Fans won’t know what your mini app is for without proper branding. Customize your Boost It mini app link text and photo before adding it to your link in bio. “Listen to my new song with me” is a lot more compelling than the default “Boost It” text.

4. Shoutout Your Top Supporters 

Boost It gives you direct access to your top supporters, so be sure to shout them out! You could shoutout supporters on your social media stories, or even start a DM group chat with your top donors. Give your top fans the royal treatment and word will spread that you’re an artist who truly cares about their audience. 

5. Gamify Your Leaderboard

One of the most intriguing parts of Boost It is that it creates an active leaderboard based on your fan’s support. You could create contests surrounding this leaderboard– For instance, the top 5 supporters at the end of this weekend will earn comped tickets to the show of their choice. Create weekly contests that your fans can look forward to and participate in surrounding new or old content. 

Boost It is a powerful tool for musicians that can help you earn support from prerecorded or livestreamed content. Enjoy monetizing your music with this powerful link in bio mini app! 

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