How to Sell LUTs on Social Media

If you’ve ever wanted to monetize the hard work you’ve put into making powerful color-grading LUTs, you now can with Sell LUTs. This Koji creates a gallery view of your favorite LUTs and allows followers to seamlessly preview and purchase the bundles without ever leaving social media. Here’s how to get started:

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!

1 – Export the LUTs from your preferred video editing software

You will need to export them one at a time to use Sell LUTs.

2 – Add Sell LUTs

Visit the templates page here to add it.

3 – Add information about the LUT Bundle in the “Details” section.

This will include a cover photo or video, a title, a description of the bundle, and a price. This is what your followers will see when they click on the Sell LUTs Koji in your bio, so make sure it’s clear and descriptive. You also have the option to customize the color of the button and text.

4 – Upload the LUTs in the “Presets” section.

You will have to name the LUT and add a sample image or video demonstrating what videos look like with the LUT applied. Then, you can upload the LUT’s DNG file (for mobile downloads) or the XMP file (for desktop downloads). You can upload as many LUTs as you want, just click “Add Preset”.

You can add as many LUTs as you want so let your creativity run wild and build a mega bundle! Or, break down your LUT bundle into multiple Kojis with different themes. It’s up to you how you display and market your creations!

Sell LUTS is an effortless and fast way to monetize your photo editing skills and presets. If you’re going to make and use LUTs for your own work, why not earn money while you’re at it while sharing the beauty with your followers?

Did you try creating and selling your own LUTs? We’d love to hear your feedback! Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch—we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this Koji.

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