How to Use Print on Demand (beta) 

We are so excited to announce that the Print on Demand template is now in beta! This template allows you to create custom T-shirts, hats, mugs, and more with your logo or design utilizing the Printful platform. 

Since you’re working with physical inventory, setup takes a bit longer than templates designed for digital products. But not to worry– below, we’ll walk you through every step of the process so that you can set up shop without issue. Let’s get started!

dropshipping physical products

How Does Dropshipping Work? 

Koji’s Print on Demand template is integrated with Printful, a custom dropshipping service that allows customers to purchase custom products directly from you, without requiring you to take on physical inventory. 

Instead, you are charged directly to activate the fulfillment of the order, and then paid by the customer with profit once the product has been shipped: 

how printful works

For more information on the Printful billing process, check out this video:

Since you aren’t taking on physical inventory, Printful makes it easy for you to test out different products and designs at no upfront cost to you. As shown through the walkthrough below, you can add and edit products directly in your Koji template or through the Printful site. 

How To Use The Print on Demand beta Template

Here is everything you need to set up your Printful account and Print on Demand template to start selling custom products: 

1. Create Your Printful Account

To start, you’ll need to set up a Printful account on Before you connect your storefront, you’ll need to add billing information, create a store and add your first product. Fortunately, doing so only takes a couple of clicks: 

2. Get the Printful API Key

Once you’ve added your first product to your new store, you’re ready to generate a key for your storefront. Go to settings → API → “Go to Printful Developers”. Here, you’ll be asked to sign in and make a token. Click “Create a Token” under “Private Token”. 

Set your expiration date for your token as far out as you like– the limit at any point is two years. Once your token expires, you’ll have to generate a new one through the same process.

Make sure you’ve selected the proper storefront, and check all of the boxes under “Scopes”. You’ll then be given a unique API token– keep it somewhere safe and do not share it with anyone else. This is the only time you will see this token. 

3. Integrate with the POD Koji Template

Now that you’ve generated your Printful API token, you can proceed to configure the Print on Demand (POD) template here. Be sure to paste the API token exactly as shown. You’ll then walk through customizing your store with a title, description, and banner image. Your products will pull in automatically from Printful. 

4. Customize Your Store

Your store can be customized with various themes, which you can select upon configuring the template. You can also create different types of discounts including custom codes, wholesale discounts, or providing discounts for products in exchange for an email sign-up. You can also check analytics per product within your store dashboard. 

5. Adding Additional Products (Optional)

You can also create and add products within your Koji template that will automatically connect with your Printful store. Within Koji, choose between showcasing your design on the front or back of a product. For all-over print, configure products in Printful. 

6. Set Your Price and Publish 

The last step before publishing is to set your price point for your products. The POD template makes this easy– simply select how much profit you want to make off of each product, and the template will adjust accordingly, broken down by individual sizes. Note that these costs do not factor in the cost of shipping, since this price varies based on the product and your customer’s location. 

Finally, press publish to check out your completed store! You can edit your store details at any time by clicking the “Manage Koji” button in the header of your store. 

7. Share to Sell 

Once you’ve published your template, copy your unique Koji link to share your storefront. When clicked, this link opens up a storefront for your products without requiring your customers to navigate to a new browser. Make content that showcases the value of your products and directs your customers to a central link location, like your social media link in bio. 

8. Earn a Profit 

Customers can purchase your products by clicking the Koji template link embedded in your link in bio (as shown above), on social stories, or anywhere else on the internet. Once they purchase the product using any debit or credit card, they will be prompted to enter their shipping information. 

Once the transaction is complete, your customer will be sent an email and SMS with confirmation of the purchase and a link to your template. Your customer can use that link and click “Purchases” at any time to check the status of their product, and receive more detailed tracking information once the item has shipped. 

Note that shipping speeds will vary based on the product and where your customer is located. For more information on shipping, check out Printful’s dedicated page

Enjoy selling custom goods to your audience! Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team

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