Introducing Sponsor Quiz

Sponsor Quiz is a new way to engage with sponsors and your audience.

When you make great content, your channel grows and you attract sponsors. These sponsors seek to reach your audience with their messaging. 

More importantly, sponsors want to verify that their message was received and recalled

With Sponsor Quiz, you offer premium content (photo, video, link, etc) to people who complete a quiz that tests their understanding of your sponsor’s message.

When you use a Sponsor Quiz: 

  • Your supporters get access to premium content that they love.
  • Your sponsors get verification that their message was understood.
  • You earn your sponsorship perks and keep your audience engaged.

You can create a Sponsor Quiz for:

  • Products –– Showcase a sponsor’s product. Ask your audience questions about key product features
  • Brands –– Teach your audience about a brand sponsor. The quiz could be about a promotion, about the brand’s history, about interesting facts. 
  • Causes –– Bring awareness to an important cause. Help non-profits and charities use your platform to spread their message.
  • More –– Anyone can contact you to become your sponsor.

How to make a Sponsor Quiz

Add your content. When uploading your premium content, choose something that your audience will want to unlock.

Create the quiz. Make sure to mark the correct answers!

When supporters open your Sponsor Quiz, they will see the featured image or video at the top of the quiz. Then they can answer the questions. If they answer incorrectly, they can choose another answer until the correct answer is chosen.

When all questions are answered correctly, the premium content is unlocked and available to view.

Analytics & Insights

Sponsor Quiz also comes with an analytics dashboard that helps you gain insights about your quiz and verify that your audience has retained information about the sponsor. 

The dashboard is easy to read,  screenshot, and send to your sponsors from a mobile device. Provide sponsors with these insights to show the success of your partnership.

About Koji

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Your Feedback

Sponsor Quiz is one of hundreds of apps available on Koji, and we’re just getting started. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve this app and to create more features. If you have any suggestions or feedback on this app, please message us on Twitter or Instagram.