Turn Passive Listeners Into Fans With Ask Me Anything

In the age of streaming, it’s all the more common to have passive listeners. Major digital streaming platforms like Spotify are built upon algorithmically-backed playlists that can help artists become discovered, but leave a gap in the market when it comes to providing space for listeners to become fans. 

Fortunately, Koji provides plenty of opportunities to build a deeper connection with listeners in your link in bio. Below, we’ll share how you can use Ask Me Anything to turn your passive listeners into life-long listeners. 

Why Creating Virtual Experiences Is Essential For The Modern Musician

Your music may be enough to earn listeners on its own, but you need to focus on building a connection with your audience if you want to earn true fans. Subconsciously or not, we all evaluate artists on not just the music itself, but what’s tied to it. Your personality, art work, philosophy, and other forms of expression all tie into how you’re perceived as an artist. 

Virtual experiences allow you to take ownership of the more personal side of building your brand as a musician. Presenting these opportunities to your audience allows your fans to connect with you on a deeper level, and therefore, enjoy your music with a greater sense of depth. 

How Musicians Can Set Up Ask Me Anything

There are plenty of monetizeable mini apps for musicians, but one of the most versatile mini apps for performers is Ask Me Anything. This mini app lives directly in your Koji link in bio for free which fans can enjoy without leaving their original browsing window. 

With Ask Me Anything, your listeners can submit questions to their favorite creators. You can respond the questions as you please with a short video response, though fans can boost burning questions to the top of the queue by sending in optional tips. 

All you have to do is add the mini app to your link in bio, configure your description and photo and let your followers get to know the real you! Make sure you share your Ask Me Anything mini app to your socials and invite your listeners to participate. 

Voila! You now have a way to build a deeper connection with your listeners. Have fun interacting with your audience! 

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