Nick Natali’s ‘Link in Bio’ Tip Jar Goes Viral

Podcaster & financial literacy advocate Nickolas Natali receives an outpouring of money and appreciation on social media.

The creator of a hit podcast, Nick has devoted his social media presence to educating followers on topics like paying off student loans, starting an online business, and how to live a more fulfilling life. 

Once Natali starting sending followers to his link in bio, the Tip Jar went viral. 

Nick made an announcement on Twitter and Instagram Stories, asking if followers have benefited from his content and to show their support through his link in bio Tip jar. 

In less than two weeks he made $1k in tips, but it was his followers’ messages of gratitude that surprised him the most.

Nick was incredibly moved by the notes he received along with his tips.

Some were short and sweet. you’re amazing :)”  Others pointed at his podcast’s impact on people’s lives: listened to your podcast. thank you for inspiring me to become debt-free”. 


We sat down with Nick for advice on how other might replicate his success.

Q: How do you see a ‘link in bio’ Tip Jar benefiting others? 

Natali: No disrespect to the baristas out there (I used to be one), we tip [them] for taking our order and immediately flipping an iPad to us to drop a 20% tip. With an online tip jar, followers can tip creators who put months of effort into creating a single piece. It’s a power move for people to vote with their dollar and for creators to be supported for their efforts. 

Q: Has your Tip Jar changed the way you collect money for your podcast?

Natali: Absolutely. There are people who want to support my podcast but can’t sign up for a $6/mo membership. They’d rather do one big gift of $100. On the flip side, there are listeners that can only tip $3/month and use the tip jar as a means of saying thank you.

Q: You’ve been using Kojis in your link in bio for some time now. What has made the biggest impact for you?

Natali: I value being able to monetize the connection I have with my community. The ability for my audience to support and encourage the content they like has changed my content creation strategy. It becomes much more clear cut what resonates with the “super-fans.” 

Q: Where can we listen to your podcast?

Natali: You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & YouTube, or check out my Instagram: @nickolasnatali