Top 10 Monetization Ideas for Gaming Creators

Building a following as a gaming creator requires time, energy, and content that makes people want to watch you. As a video game streamer, player, or reviewer, it can be hard to build a following and find ways to monetize the content you’ve already spent time creating.

While there’s no set formula for success, we’ve created ten monetization ideas you can take advantage of as a gaming creator.

1. Get donations or tips from fans

A great way to earn money for your video game stream or game guides and how-tos is to get donations from your fans. The fans that watch you stream games on Twitch or that visit your blog consistently keep coming back because they like you and the content you create. They’re invested in your brand and what you’re trying to build, so they’ll want to see you succeed.

You can create fundraisers detailing the next sets of gaming content you want to create or stream and let your fans “boost” and fund them. Consider getting creative and letting your audience choose what you’re doing next, whether that’s picking one game over another or calling out what kinds of content they’d like to see from you (reviews, guides, and how-tos).

2. Coach, teach, or offer gaming lessons to fans

Share your knowledge of video game streaming or content creation with your fans by offering personalized advice. You can share your expertise through seminars, workshops, or classes with your fans. If that sounds like too much, consider becoming someone’s mentor and provide advice through videos or audio recordings.

As long as you have the skills or knowledge your fans want to learn, you can earn money from sharing your expertise and putting a smile on their faces.

3. Create video game guides and tutorials

New video gamers love reading guides on what games are worth playing, especially single and multiplayer titles. You could make guides and how-tos for every game you play and those currently popular within the industry.

Another aspect worth considering as a gaming creator is making interactive video content like tutorials for your audience that they can download and watch — all for a small fee.

4. Host a gaming podcast for your fans

Have a lot to say about gaming and streaming? Create a podcast that releases on a daily or monthly basis. It could be an opinion-based roundtable discussion, a series of interviews with high-profile players and streamers, or your review of a new game.

Upload your old episodes as unlockable content for your audience. This way, your fans can download their favorite podcast episodes, and you make back some of the money spent creating the podcast.

5. Create and sell exclusive gaming merchandise

If you have a loyal fan base, selling your own uniquely designed products like t-shirts and mugs can be a nice additional source of income. You can create designs based on emotes or inside jokes you’ve developed with your fans. 

Setting up your own storefront is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Choose an e-commerce platform like Shopify to set up shop and then integrate your products into your link in bio.

6. Sell shoutouts that are played during your video game stream

Whether you stream on Twitch or another site, a great way to make some extra money is playing recorded shoutouts. Shoutouts create memorable moments with your fans and help cement them into your content. You could play them when you take a break from streaming and even record them as part of your extended streaming vlog, so it’s replayable in your archive.

7. Host a Q&A Session that lets fans ask about your gaming experience

A great way to engage with fans is to give them a space where they can ask you their questions about your game stream, content, recommendations, equipment, and tips. If you receive hundreds of questions, you can turn your forum into a VIP question booth and charge for your gaming expertise.

8. Sell access to a private live streaming event

Want to host an exclusive streaming event for your top fans? Now you can right from your link in bio. The Join My Video Chat app lets your supporters pay for access to your event. You can choose to stream newly released games or play whatever game your fans want to see the most!

The app lets you link to Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet, or any other kind of video chat.

9. Treat your fans with personalized video messages

Besides offering coaching for your fans who want to level up their gaming skills, you can also treat your top fans to personalized video messages! This could be a way for your fans to hear what they want from you, whether that’s personal advice or just saying hi. Your audience will be thrilled at the chance to hear from you for just a small fee.

10. Display advertising in your link in bio

Letting supporters purchase a space in your profile can be an excellent way to raise money.

Billboards are custom spaces where your patrons and top fans can express themselves and their appreciation of what you do. Each time the space is purchased, the price goes up.

While it won’t rake in the big bucks, it can provide another way for you to monetize your link in bio profile.

Final Thoughts

As a gaming creator, you have endless opportunities and ways to monetize your content. We encourage you to see which ideas work the best for your and your fans.