5 Creative Ways To Use Piper Rockelle’s New Rares App

The new Rares app, developed by YouTube & TikTok Creator Piper Rockelle, is a powerful app for your Link in Bio that lets you tease exclusive content and set fun challenges for your fans to unlock it.

You can make it as simple or as complex to unlock as you want. Just set a password, a price, or even ask fans to answer a multiple-choice question, and reward them for their effort with something only they can see! Here are some extra creative ways you can use Rares in your Koji Link In Bio to promote your content:

1 – Create A Game

Hide passwords in your Instagram photos (maybe on a poster in the background or on a shirt you’re wearing) and then lead your followers on a scavenger hunt through your content to find the clues. Here’s an added benefit too: you can increase watch time on your YouTube videos if you drop a password somewhere in the middle; fans will have to watch carefully to catch it!

2 – Promote A New Album Drop

Use the Rares video feature to tease 5-10 second clips from an upcoming album or single to generate hype. Have your fans unlock it with a quiz of the release date—you know they’ll remember it now and increase your pre-saves!

3 – Start A Raffle or Giveaway

Create a challenging quiz, set a higher payment, or hide a password and reward the fans that still commit to unlocking the Rare by entering them into a giveaway. For example, maybe the answer to a quiz is how many of your TikToks in the last week featured your dog/cat/etc. You get more views and your fans get a chance to win a cool prize.

4 – Make it educational!

Are you an educator or just passionate about something? Create topical quizzes that your fans have to answer to unlock your Rare, or encourage them to watch your latest YouTube video. It could be a sneak peak for a super interesting and related video you’re premiering soon, or maybe it’s a discount code for your latest Udemy or Skillshare class.

5 – Donate Earned Money To Charity

Trying to do good while incentivizing your fans to help? Make a super embarrassing photo or video of your Rare and then hype it up. Set a higher price (because you know your fans are going to want to see you falling on the ice) and then donate the proceeds to your favorite charity. You get to monetize an embarrassing moment, your fans get to laugh with you, and you’ve helped support an important cause.

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