7 Cool Ways To Use Dare Me by Breezy House

Dare Me, developed by a brand new TikTok content house, Breezy House, is a powerful app for your Link in Bio that lets you source and monetize dares and challenges from your followers.

You can rely on dares from your followers, or come up with your own and let your followers boost dares with donations. Just remember to give your audience some tips on the kind of dares you want to complete in the Dare Me description box. 

Here are some ideas on how to use Dare Me in your link in bio:

1 – Theme Your Dares

Use the description to help inform the dares you want to receive. Remember, you can suggest the kinds of dares you’d like your followers challenge you to by writing an informative description. If you like to make food, encourage your followers to send you savory foods they’d like to see you turn into dessert. Or if you’re a fashion blogger, encourage your followers to come up with crazy outfits and dare you to wear them out.

2 – Dare Other Creators And Start A Competition

Find someone that you collab with and come up with a dare for each of you. Then have followers boost the dare they want to see done the most. Maybe you do only one, or maybe you do both! You decide when it’s its time to claim the reward. You can also make your dares with other creators more collaborative by doing challenges together and asking your fans who they want you to do dares with.

3 – Dare Yourself, Then Donate To Charity

Come up with your own dare for yourself (make it hard and something people want to see!) and set a target amount of money (can be matched by you, or just donated). Then set a deadline of a week or less and encourage your followers to contribute!

4 – Create Interactive Content

Let your followers post new dares that determine the content of your next project. Your audience can vote with their donations on what they want you to do. Maybe you’re trying to pick a name for your next album, or figure out the subject of your video: put it to a vote!

5 – Scale your dares with Boosts

Set a dare for yourself and let the amount of boost money determine how hard the dare is. As the amount of money donated goes up, you’ll have to walk on your hands longer, eat a spicier pepper, or talk more loudly in public. Find an easy dare that fits your style and see how difficult your followers can make it.

6 – Make a giveaway competition for your audience

Ask your followers to send you their best dares and encourage them to boost their favorite dares as well. You can pick your favorite, complete it, and then give the money earned by it to the original dare poster. Or send them a cool merch item or special prize!

7 – Do The 24 Hour Challenge

Get your followers to submit as many dares as they can and try to complete them within 24 hours. See how many you can do and prioritize the dares with the highest boost amounts. How many dares can you do in a day?

Final Thoughts

Dare Me is a powerful & engaging way to start making money from the content that you are already making. Use it, and try some of the ideas above to make a fun and rewarding experience for you and your followers.

Did you try one? We’d love to hear your feedback! Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch – we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this app.

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