Audio Player For Musicians 

As a musician, having easy ways to share audio is essential to your success. Digital streaming platforms like Spotify are perfect for released music, but what if you haven’t distributed your music or simply want to test pilot an audio clip with your fans?

That’s where Audio Player comes in for musicians. We’ll share why every musician needs Audio Player in their link in bio and showcase how to promote this mini app below. 

Why Should Musicians Use Audio Player?

Audio Player provides musicians a quick and easy way to share unreleased music, snippets, or any sounds of their choosing. The link in bio player encourages fans to interact with your links and presents a way for musicians to share clips that haven’t been released yet on digital streaming platforms. Audio Player is an excellent music middleman that can keep your fans engaged in between official drops. 

You can also think of Audio Player as your audio portfolio. Whether you need a space to demo beats to clients or showcase your instrumental solos, Audio Player is an amazing asset to your link in bio. 

How Does Audio Player Work?  

Audio Player only takes a couple of minutes to set up and incorporate into your link in bio. Before adding it to your link in bio make sure you take the time to customize your Koji profile so that fans can track down all of your links in the same place. 

From there, simply add the Audio Player mini app to your Koji profile. You’ll be prompted to add audio files, add titles, curate thumbnails, and select a layout for your customized player. Hit “save” and your player is now live! 

Fans will be able to listen in directly in your link in bio and can choose to shuffle or play through the audio files in your designated order. 

What Should Musicians Share On Audio Player? 

Are you ready to share your art on Audio Player? Here are a couple of audio ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Create a voice memo announcement for your most dedicated fans 
  • Share live versions of tracks 
  • Remixes
  • Beats and Instrumentals
  • Sound FX
  • Samples and Loop packs
  • Acapella vocals
  • DJ tags
  • Original demos
  • Unreleased tracks
  • Meditation tracks 
  • Multi-tracks or stems 
  • Live solo examples 
  • ‘Behind The Music’ type album or single narration

How To Promote Audio Player 

Audio Player is an amazing way to share new music with fans, but they’ll only be able to reap the benefits of this mini app if you take the time to promote it. Consider these helpful strategies when launching your link in bio app: 

1. Turn Your Mini App Launch Into An Online Event

Your fans will be ecstatic whenever you share unreleased audio to Audio Player, so make sure you promote your mini app launch properly. You can have your fans set reminders to tune in on the mini app launch day, or ask them to DM you their initial reactions to your audio uploads. Shoutout your participatory fans on social media to amplify your interactions together. 

2. Share Exclusive Content Through Audio Player

Audio Player is a unique space where you can share just about any audio clip, presenting creators with the ability to share exclusive content. Turn your link in bio into a supercharged hub for fans where you regularly drop sneak peeks to your next song or audio messages to your top supporters. 

3. Bring In Your Fans On Important Decisions 

Audio Player can help you crowdsource opinions from fans. Hold a Poll and ask your fans to vote between two different audio clips within Audio Player. This can be a great way to determine your next single or allow your fans to participate in the production process. 

4. Customize Your Audio Player

The link text “Audio Player” is not nearly as enticing as “Check out my unreleased song.” Customize your mini app to fit within your brand’s voice and hint at your current audio exhibition. 

Whether you haven’t formally released music or you just want to share some new snippets with fans, Audio Player is a must-have for every musician’s link in bio. 

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