Cozza Uses her Koji Profile to Connect with Fans on a New Level

Australian Influencer & Entrepreneur Cozza takes full advantage of her link in bio.

Courtney Marie, known online as Cozza, is an entrepreneur, photographer, and fashionista who’s developed a social media following by creating glamorous and interactive content while promoting her press-on nail company and an online vintage clothing store.

Cozza prefers a Koji profile for her Instagram link in bio.

Link services like Linktree are powerful ways to harness your social media link in bio, but Cozza decided to take hers to the next level with a Koji profile.

Now Cozza harnesses Koji’s wide range of interactive templates to connect directly with her audience.

“Koji has given me the most success of any media-related platform I’ve ever invested my time in. Their easy to use interface has immensely motivated me to do more and offer more as a creator. I feel like I’m finally able to connect with my followers on a more personal level and begin to build meaningful relationships with them.” -Cozza

She offers “Exclusive Content of The Week” to her fans.

Cozza offers unlockable photos and videos she can charge any price to view, or ask followers to submit their email address. Each week, new content is available exclusively through her link in bio, giving her fans a reason to keep checking back.

Another staple of Cozza’s profile is her “Make My Day” tip jar.

The Tip Jar is one of Koji’s most popular templates and it’s the easiest way for creators to receive tips from social media followers. 

The funds Cozza receives from the content in her Koji profile have finally given Cozza the resources to turn her small business from a passion project into a full time job.  

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