Geek Level Asian Uses His “Link in Bio” to Build A Nerd Empire

Geek Level Asian Youtube

YouTuber and nerd-culture enthusiast Geek Level Asian uses his Koji “link in bio” to widen his audience & make money

Geek Level Asian is a social media personality making it fun to obsess over geek related culture like comics, toys, and all things Power Rangers.

With his popularity growing on social media, the YouTube creator looked for ways to monetize his popular Instagram & YouTube accounts.

Geek Level Asian created a Koji “link in bio” where he can promote his videos and an online store where he sells everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs. 

Geek Level Asian also uses Koji to monetize his content directly

Geek Level Asian has some pro level add-ons in his “link in bio.” added some Koji modules that allow him to directly monetize his content.

His Tip Jar features a video background with a heartfelt message to his followers. Within the first few days of sharing the tip jar on social media, Geek Level Asian received an outpouring from followers. These funds contribute to new videos and allow him to work on content full-time. 

Check out Geek Level Asian’s profile and read about how to create your perfect “link in bio.”