How NFT Watch Party Builds Anticipation and FOMO

Releasing a new video can be an incredibly exciting event for your loyal fans. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to benefit from your hard work and the much awaited launch. 

The Koji NFT Watch Party mini-app was created with this in mind, and is the go-to tool for creators for building anticipation to the release of their most exciting new videos. It lets fans get the inside scoop on what’s happening with your art before it’s released to the public!

Anticipation Builds an Audience

People naturally want access to exclusive new things. There’s no better time to capitalize on your fans’ interest than when you’re coming out with an exclusive new video that nobody has seen before. 

Building anticipation for your new video will help considerably with the marketing of your video, and will prime your audience to start talking about the video before they’ve even seen it. Once the video is released, that conversation can continue through the launch and beyond, continuing the excitement and creating momentum to ultimately get your video or product to a wider audience. 

No one wants to be left out of an exciting launch like this. The “fear of missing out” (FOMO) is very real, and if you’re a creator, it can set up a great environment for you to give your fans an exclusive video viewing experience and monetize it at the same time. 

That’s what the NFT Watch Party mini-app gives you the power to do. 

Who Benefits From Using NFT Watch Party

Whether you’re an individual creator, small group or large organization, NFT Watch Party can be an incredibly useful tool to help you with any launch. We’ll walk through some use cases to give you some ideas of how to leverage NFT Watch Party in different launch scenarios.

Video Podcasters and YouTube Content Creators

NFT Watch Party is perfect for video podcasters or YouTubers who have a special guest or celebrity on for one of their episodes. The app allows you to give holders of an NFT in a specific collection the chance to view a video one time from start to finish after proving they own the NFT. 

By requiring a specific NFT to view the special video, you’re creating FOMO for the people who don’t yet own the NFT, which could be great to drive sales of that NFT. This will also create a buzz and build the conversation around what content is shared in the video, attracting more attention to your video podcast or YouTube channel. The fun doesn’t have to stop when your Watch Party has ended. There’s more Koji apps that can be used in conjunction with NFT Watch Party, such as Boost It, which will extend the video launch experience beyond the Watch Party. You could tell your fans that immediately following your NFT Watch Party you’ll be going live on the Boost It mini-app to discuss the special video. This allows you to use a combination of mini-apps to create the most powerful launch possible.


Use NFT Watch Party to promote the release of a new film to a limited number of press outlets. For example, you can release 25 NFTs just to 25 press outlets to let them screen a trailer of your upcoming film release. You could then have them write about it in order to build anticipation among your fans and the general public before the film is released.

Small Businesses and Shop Owners

Small businesses such as shop owners can use NFT Watch Party to aid them with releasing a new line of merchandise like a shoe line. For example, only buyers of your NFT can see the debut video of a product review of your sneaker, done by a local up-and-coming athlete. The video shows the athlete playing while wearing the new sneaker line and giving a positive review of the product, before it goes on sale to the public.

Large Businesses

Large businesses can use NFT Watch Party for marketing events like a product launch. Think of running an exclusive event like one of Apple’s keynotes where the features of a new iPhone are announced, except only for holders of your NFT.

This is an excellent way to sell out large NFT collections like those with 10,000 NFTs. Anyone who wants to get in on screening the product launch video will have to buy your NFT. 

How To Use the NFT Watch Party Mini-app To Create FOMO

The NFT Watch Party mini-app allows you to grant gated access to an exclusive video for anyone that is a holder of a specific NFT. This could be an NFT that you released yourself, or another NFT, but in either case the NFT gives access to view the video one time.

What To Do Leading Up To Your Launch Party

  • Promote the watch party on your social channels and direct your followers to your Link in Bio. This is where they’ll access the launch party, so you’ll want to direct people here.
  • Encourage your followers to buy your NFT so that they have the chance to access the watch party. This is a great chance to use FOMO to drive sales of the NFTs themselves as well.

To Set Up a Launch Party:

  • Navigate to the NFT Watch Party mini-app in the Koji App Store and add the app to your profile
  • Set a start and end date for your launch party
  • Set up your NFT gate (providing access to only NFT holders)
  • Publish the app to your profile
  • Fans and followers can unlock the new video directly from your Link in Bio and view the video once from start to end

Your watch party attendees can pay for the experience with a credit or debit card, and you optionally set the price for the viewing experience. 

Engage With Those Who Participated in Your Watch Party

So you’ve just launched a successful watch party and the attendees are raving about it. Take to your social channels and engage with these attendees. This is a great opportunity to bond with your fans and use the viewing experience as a catalyst to build your community even stronger. 

Doing this will also set the stage for your next watch party when you release your next new video, create another powerful viewing experience and make your community even more enamored with your content or products.