How To Host A Virtual Performance

There’s nothing like going on tour. Hosting your own performances can be an excellent way to connect with fans on a deeper level, and get a sense of your draw as a musician. 

However, what if your top fans are geographically far from where you live? Or what if you’re simply not ready to hold an in-person gig?

Thankfully, virtual performances and experiences can be just as powerful for artists! Below, we’ll detail precisely how to conduct your own virtual performances via your link in bio by utilizing the powerful Looped and Boost It  mini apps. 

Why Are Virtual Performances Valuable?

Virtual performances are valuable for musicians regardless of whether or not you’re putting on regular, in-person gigs. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider investing in crafting virtual sets: 

  • Fewer Budget Constraints: Settling with the venue, promoter, and booking agent can all be expensive. By opting for a virtual performance, you’re cutting out most of the middle man to increase your monetization as a musician. 
  • Performance Without Borders: Not all musicians are positioned to travel to their most engaged markets. Virtual performances let artists interact with fans across borders, regardless of their prior performance experience. If you have stable internet, you can book yourself. 
  • Intimate Experiences: Without the limitations of a physical venue, you have the opportunity to create a more intimate or elaborate performance that might not be possible IRL. 
  • Community Cultivation: Virtual performances aren’t just for you and your fans – they’re also an interactive experience where your audience can get to know each other. Creating these spaces can help like-minded music lovers come together to celebrate your work. 

Hosting A Virtual Performance Through Your Link In Bio

When it comes to capturing online attention, convenience is key. Luckily, Koji makes it easy to host virtual performances directly from your supercharged link in bio. 


Looped is a global virtual events platform that allows artists to stream from anywhere at any time. The virtual venue hosts plenty of artist-friendly features like a live chat, link pins, and video windows so that you can get the true fan experience. The Looped mini app is super easy to use– simply paste your Looped Live link into your mini app so that fans can purchase tickets directly. 

Boost It 

Boost It is an excellent mini app for musicians that makes it easy to monetize live performances hosted on YouTube or Twitch livestream. You can also upload past live streams so that your fans can enjoy and support your work even if they couldn’t make the livestream performance. 

How To Host A Virtual Performance As A Musician

Are you ready to host your own virtual performance? Here’s exactly how to host your own virtual concert as a musician in 5 steps.  

1. Choose Your “Venue”

First and foremost, you’ll need a space that supports live streaming, virtual ticketing, and preferably social features, like a community chat where your fans can enjoy the experience together. 

Looped is an excellent option since it checks all of the boxes and can be accessed via your link in bio which is super convenient for fans. Boost It can also be used for musicians who stream via YouTube or Twitch.  This makes it easy for you to funnel fans to your performances without them having to leave their native app. 

2. Prepare Your Set 

You’ll want to rehearse for your virtual performance with the same respect that you would provide to an in-person performance. This means testing sound, rehearsing with your bandmates (or by yourself if you’re a solo artist), and preparing your set to have a more visual representation of your sonic world. 

You have more control over your backdrop and space with a virtual performance, so take this opportunity to help your set shine! 

3. Promote Your Performance

To ensure a good turnout, make sure you promote your virtual performance ahead of time. You can even sell early-bird tickets to your event to incentivize your fans to proactively grab a performance. Showcase example performance clips and let your fans know what they might expect from attending your virtual performance. 

It’s also wise to center your virtual performance around an upcoming release. Let your fans know you’ll be unveiling the new music together or that you’ll be sharing some unreleased songs during your set. 

4. Go Live 

Once the big day arrives, go live and have fun! Perform your set as planned, but be sure to respond to your chat in breaks between songs to create an interactive experience for your listeners. Ask your fans to share screenshots on their story to help bring in additional audience members outside of your immediate network. 

5. Continue The Connection 

Before you close out your set, make sure your fans know where they can hear more and where they can go next to continue the conversation. This could be directing them to a custom Discord server or inviting them to join an email list to stay connected. 

And there you have it! Virtual performances are a bunch of fun and help you bond with your top supporters. Enjoy crafting virtual experiences for your fanbase with Looped and Moment House

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