Sign Up And Download For Musicians

As a musician, having an active email list is incredibly valuable. However, incentivizing your audience to share their contact information can be challenging. Luckily, Koji provides many mini apps that are designed to make email collection easy and valuable for your fans. 

Sign Up and Download offers your fans files of your choosing in exchange for their email. Below, we’ll showcase the ins and outs of this mini app and share how you can utilize it to build your email list. 

Why Should Musicians Use Sign Up and Download

Sign Up and Download is a highly effective way to generate an email list while providing your fans with content they value. Email lists are a great way to stay connected with fans and an awesome way to take ownership of your data which can help you plan your artist strategy and events effectively. 

Emails offer a unique, intimate experience with fans that can be hard to come by in the age of social media. The Sign Up and Download provides you fans with value and potentially exclusive content, making it a win-win for everyone involved. 

How Does Sign Up and Download Work? 

Setting up and using Sign Up and Download is simple by design. You can add a cover photo or video, title, and description and proceed to attaching any compressed file of your choosing. 

Whenever you collect emails, they will be stored directly in the mini app, which can be conveniently exported via CSV or synced directly to your MailChimp account. 

You can create unlimited versions of the Sign Up and Download mini app to offer your fans different content pieces in exchange for their email. 

The Sign Up and Download mini app is hosted directly in your Koji link in bio, where fans can access it without needing to download anything or leave their original platform. 

How Should Musicians Use Sign Up and Download

Sign Up and Download is incredibly versatile and allows you to share just about any file type compressed into Zip files, .7z files, or .rar files. Your fans are able to download directly from their mobile devices upon inputting their email. 

Essentially, you can provide your fans with anything your heart desires! Here are a couple of content ideas that might be worth exploring: 

  • Accapella vocals
  • Album Cover Alternates
  • Beats and Instrumentals
  • Redeemable coupons to discounted merch
  • DJ tags
  • Links to hidden videos or sites
  • Meditation tracks
  • Multi-tracks or stems
  • Music marketing tips
  • Original demos
  • Photoshoot Outtakes
  • Printables like posters or promo materials
  • Remixes
  • Samples and Loop packs
  • Share live versions of tracks
  • Sound FX
  • Unreleased tracks
  • ‘Behind The Music’ type album or single narration

How To Promote Sign Up and Download

Once you have the Sign Up and Download mini app, it’s time to promote your updated link in bio! Here are a couple of smart strategies to help amplify your mini app release:

Offer Different Incentives

One of the best things about Koji’s mini apps is that there is no limit to how many versions of the app you can host in your link in bio. Create different Sign Up and Download mini app incentives to appeal to different subsets of your audience. 

Formally Launch New Mini Apps 

Sign Up and Download provides your fans with value, so they’ll want to know about it! Let your fans know whenever you’re launching a new mini app and different versions of mini apps. You can also showcase a sample newsletter on social media to share what long term value they’ll receive from using the mini app. 

Center Promotions Around A Release

Nothing drums up excitement like an upcoming album or single! Make sure to incorporate Sign Up and Download as a part of your release week strategy. You can share early access to songs, exclusive demos, or behind the scenes content centered around your release to help you earn emails. 

Make Sure Your Newsletter Provides Value

Newsletters are sacred spaces where you’re able to connect directly with your most dedicated fans. Make sure you put your email list to good use and provide your fans with a behind the scenes look of your creative process. You can also use your newsletter to send out merch discounts and early-bird ticket access to reward your biggest supporters. 

Utilize Your IRL Promotion Opportunities

Don’t forget to plug your email list when performing live! Let your fans know they can access exclusive content via your link-in-bio Sign Up and Download before heading off stage every night. 

As you can see, Sign Up and Download is a powerful mini app that should be in every musician’s toolbox. Enjoy providing your fans exclusive content and building your email list!

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