How To Turn Followers Into Fans 

In today’s competitive music industry, cultivating a following isn’t enough on its own. Unfortunately, there are plenty of musicians that have massive online followings, that aren’t able to cultivate dedicated fans from mere exposure. 

Luckily, there are some key principles that can help any musician convert followers into true fans. Below, we’ll share some helpful tools and tricks through the lens of Adam Ivy, music marketing specialist, producer, and entrepreneur.

Be A Leader 

No one is going to believe in your music if you don’t believe in it first. Sure, there’s plenty of room to improve along the way, but it’s your job to showcase why new listeners should join your journey. Perhaps it’s said best by Adam –

“Attract the attention and lead your fans to where they want to be. Building confidence and charisma are key to people believing in you”  

– Adam Ivy

You need to be willing to lead others to your music by serving as its biggest advocate. Think about what draws you to your favorite musicians. What inspires you? What sorts of attributes make you more invested in a creator’s back story? Use your own analysis of other musicians to inform your own online strategy. To build a music fanbase, you need to be a fan yourself. 

Believe In Your Value

So many musicians love creating but have a difficult time advocating for themselves or asking for direct support from fans. However, if you truly believe in your creations, and are constantly working to improve them for yourself and your listeners, asking for support will come easy–

“Have confidence in yourself in affirming that “I’m providing value”. People will enjoy and connect with what I’m creating.” 

– Adam Ivy

Koji’s free link in bio service offers plenty of monetization apps for musicians to help you ask for support while providing value for your fans. Whether you’re creating personalized fan videos via Shoutout, selling unreleased beats to top fans via Locked Audio, or simply opening up a Love Jar mini app, there are plenty of ways to source support. 

Take Over The Identity of Who You Want To Be

As an artist, you’re responsible for creating a strong musician identity and imagery to go along with it. Without a firm creative foundation, it’s challenging to communicate to others that you’re serious about your future in music: 

“Even if you’re not a full time musician already, you have to take over the identity of who you want to be.“ 

– Adam Ivy

It’s not just about creating great music. You need to make cover art, social posts, and content that all extend the experience of your art. Your fans want to learn more about you, so make it easy for them. Showcase why fans would want to join in on this journey with you. 

Take the time to optimize your link in bio and social media pages so that your fans can get a sense of your world, regardless of where they find you on the internet. Koji’s free link in bio provides customizable backgrounds, link text, and icons to help keep your branding consistent. 

Promote Yourself Proudly 

If you’re making great art that you truly believe in, there’s no need to be ashamed. Promote yourself proudly so that others can respond accordingly. There are plenty of artists who made a lasting impact on you as a person, and it’s possible that you could do the same for someone else.

However, people won’t automatically listen to your music if they don’t know where to find it. Keep fans up to date on your creations, and make sure your link in bio is constantly updated with your latest projects: 

“Koji has everything you need to connect with your audience efficiently, all for free. Whether you’re keeping fans up to date with Event Calendar or hosting an NFT Listening Party, you can keep fans in their original app while being able to consume and connect with your content.”

– Adam Ivy

Koji’s endless free mini apps make crafting a unique fan experience easy. By having the same link in bio across all social media platforms, you can keep the engagement experience consistent and impactful for your audience. 

Understand That Being A Musician Comes With Many Hats 

Ironically, a lot of the music business isn’t making music. While that’s certainly the most rewarding part, there’s a ton that goes into making your career a success–

“Music is just a small part of the equation. When it comes to building a music career, there is no clear roadmap.” 

– Adam Ivy

Remember that it’s on you to cultivate a brand for your creations. Building an online presence, making an impactful EPK, and creating a community around your art is essential to your future within the music industry. 

To hear more of Adam’s sage advice, you can check out the full video below or continue to our music blog to learn more:

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