How To Grow Your Email List

As a creator, growing your email list is crucial to your community. After all, it’s one of the few forms of communication nowadays that connects your directly to your audience. But how can you build a robust email list without a website?

Luckily, you can grow your email list with Email Collection in your link in bio. Below, we’ll share why it’s important for every creator to build an email list and share how to get started. 

Why Are Email Lists So Important?

Email lists are an undervalued form of communication for creators. Here’s why you need to take the time to build yours:

  • Emails provide key insights on your fans. Emails can help you generate demographics and data that can help you amplify your audience and marketing where it matters most. 
  • You aren’t dependent on the algorithm. Unlike social media, emails appear directly in your fan’s inbox 100% of the time. It’s still one of the most reliable forms of communication. 
  • Emails give you a space to share exclusive content with your audience. Chances are, your most dedicated fans are the most inclined to sign up for your email list. This space provides you with a unique opportunity to reward your top fans with exclusive content. 

How To Grow Your Email List In Your Link In Bio 

Building an email list in your link in bio is easy with Koji. First, set up your free link in bio with Koji. You can customize your supercharged link with video backgrounds and custom link text for free to help continue your brand experience across any platform. 

From there, add the Email Sign Up mini app. This mini app allows fans to submit their name and email with a quick and clean sign up flow. It’s also directly integrated with Mailchimp, so you can import your sign up list directly into the plugin. 

To configure the app, add a cover image or video, title, and description, and you’re good to go. You can also incentivize fans to join your email list with the Slicer and Invaders link in bio mini games, which gives your audience the opportunity to enter their email when they add their name to the leaderboard. 

Don’t forget to let your fans know what they can expect from your email list and where to sign up. Use Koji’s sharing features to link fans directly to your mini app so that they can stay updated.

Email collection is a key part of creation. Hopefully, these helpful mini apps make it easy for you to enhance your community and connect on a deeper level with your audience. 

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