Now You Can Easily Monetize on Koji

Looking to monetize your Koji games?

Then you are in luck 🙂 Koji now has a direct pathway to monetization for creators. It’s called tipping, and it lets anyone give real money to creators for making AMAZING games.

Koji’s tipping feature lets any game earn cash.

When you create a game, you immediately create a new source of revenue. People on Koji tip all kinds of games. The more games you create the more tips you can earn!

Tips are only a click away.

Find the tipping button at the bottom left of the gameplay area. Then simply click on the button to give a tip!

Deposit or withdraw cash at any time.

Never run out of tips. You can see how many pennies are in your wallet at the top right of the screen. Don’t have any pennies? Try tapping on the tip button to make a purchase & top up your Koji wallet.

(See pennies next to your profile image.)

Gift Code Giveaways

Koji regularly gives away gift codes that you can redeem for real money on the site. Make sure to join Discord, and follow Koji on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn for the random Gift Code drops. You never know when the next drop will be! 🙂

More Games = More Opportunities for Cash

You can make a game in minutes and start earning tips as soon as you publish! Get started today.