23. Colombian. Raised in Miami, living in San Diego. Since I can recall, my passion for creating, color, design and capturing the perfect moment- whether it be in words or visually- has resonated within me and served as my compass for all I do.


4 Stories by Paulina

Pixeel Uses a Group Story in his ‘Link in Bio’ to Make Truly Interactive YouTube Classes

This YouTube star asks fans to share their work inside his Link in Bio, where he reviews and interacts with them. Pixeel runs a...
46 sec read

Nick Natali’s ‘Link in Bio’ Tip Jar Goes Viral

Podcaster & financial literacy advocate Nickolas Natali receives an outpouring of money and appreciation on social media. The creator of a hit podcast, Nick...
1 min read

Google Arabia Launches Koji Game on Facebook

Google Arabia showcased its first branded Koji game on their Facebook Page this past January. After browsing the Koji template collection, they chose Runner...
30 sec read

Burger King shares Koji “Moldy Whopper” Interactive Post on Twitter

On February 19th, 2020 Burger King released a Moldy Whopper Ad Campaign in efforts to boldly promote their stance against using preservatives in their...
43 sec read