How To Get New Video Clients In Your Link In Bio

When it comes to scoring a film job, the proof is in the pudding– The best way to earn notoriety and find career opportunities is by showcasing your skills to your network through a well-crafted, accessible reel. But how can you reliably present your reel to your followers and potential clients?

Thankfully, you can easily embed your video reel directly into your link in bio. Below, we’ll showcase how you can use your supercharged link to earn more clients in the film industry. 

How Do I Add Video To My Link In Bio? 

Once you’ve built an excellent film reel, it’s time to showcase it to the reel. Fortunately, with Koji you can directly embed your reel into your link in bio with Vimeo Embed or YouTube Embed. You can also use Image & Video Gallery to showcase your visual content in your link in bio.

To get started, set up your free Koji profile and add your desired apps from the Koji app store. These apps can be added directly to your link in bio without requiring any downloads or sign-ins for your fans to access.

Next, simply paste your reel link into the Vimeo, Image and Video Gallery, or YouTube Embed app and there you have it! Your audience can now experience your reel directly in your link in bio, making it easy for you to score clients with your skills. 

How To Turn Your Link In Bio Into A Video Portfolio

If you want to embed more than one video, or showcase your videos as soon as your fans open your link in bio, you can turn upgrade your link in bio for free with Portfolio Profile

This app transforms your link in bio into a visual gallery for presenting your favorite works in full-width image cards. You can also create tabs at the top of your profile to filter your different types of work so that fans and potential clients can easily find what they’re looking for. 

Once you’ve updated your Koji with your reel, be sure to let your followers know! You can share app embeds directly using the built-in share button, or simply redirect to your link in bio. Have fun converting your link in bio into a gallery for your best work. 

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