How To Sell Digital Planners On Social Media

One of the most important skills for any full-time content creator is knowing how to plan out your posts. Any successful creator knows how to plan, produce, and stay on top of their content to appeal to their platforms’ algorithm, but did you know that this skill set can become another stream of passive income?

Below, we’ll explain why digital planners are a great asset for any creator and showcase how easy they are to sell on social media. Let’s dive in! 

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What Is A Digital Planner?

As the name suggests, a digital planner is some form of virtual document that’s branded to match your style and strategy. Creators often build digital planners surrounding their social media strategy, but there are plenty of other ways to provide value through planners.

For instance, a fitness creator might curate an exercise plan and eating schedule for his or her followers. A musician might build a guide surrounding his or her winning practice schedule. There’s no one right way to build a digital planner, so long as you’re providing your fans genuine value. 

That being said, most digital planners will include the following: 

  • Branded style, stickers and layout 
  • Hyperlinked sections 
  • Calendar 
  • Notes section
  • Sections dedicated to tracking goals or accomplishments 

How To Sell Digital Planners On Social Media

Ready to share your planning skills with your audience? Here’s exactly how to start selling digital planners on social media for free. 

To start, make sure you have a digital planner ready to sell. You can use sites like Canva to help you build a planner that aligns with your brand and vision. 

From there, simply add the free Digital Files Storefront Koji. To start selling, upload your files, then set a name, photo, and description for your planner. Finally, select a price and start selling! Your audience can now purchase planners with a single click directly from anywhere on the internet. 

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How To Promote Your Digital Planners 

Creating a successful digital planner is one thing, knowing how to promote it is another. Use these essential strategies to help you sell digital planners to your fans. 

  • Show and tell. As discussed below, it’s important to promote your planner directly to your audience so that they know where to find it. You should also make sure to show your fans you actively using your planner. Are you vlogging about a busy week ahead? Curate a scene planning out your activities showcasing your planner. Fans are much more likely to use your planner if its something that you genuinely use. 
  • Be Consistent With Your CTAs. Bring consistent traffic to your digital planner storefront by using a consistent call to action to your Kojis. With every piece of content, direct your fans to your virtual store. 
  • Offer Your Planners As An Add-on. There’s limitless ways to market digital planners using Koji. You could include your planners as an incentive for signing up for your newsletter, or offer them automatically to patrons through the virtual tip jar Tip Jar+.  

Selling digital planners can be an excellent source of passive income for any creator. Have fun packaging your planning secrets for your audience! 

How To Sell Digital Planners FAQ

Selling digital planners is an excellent way to earn passive income as a creator. Ready to get started? Check out these commonly asked questions and answers to set you off on the right foot:

Can you make money selling digital planners?

Absolutely! So long as your planners provide genuine value for your niche, they can certainly be profitable and helpful for your fans.

Do people still buy digital planners?

Plenty of people still use digital planners, especially those specialized to a niche. Social media calendars or fitness plans are great examples of modern planners.

How do I sell my online planner?

You can sell your online planner with Kojis like Sell Downloadable Files or Digital File Storefront.

How do I sell my digital planner template?

Upload your digital planner to Digital File Storefront or Sell Downloadable Files. From there, your fans can purchase your goods through your Koji.

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