How To Use Games to Keep Customers Engaged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is one for the history books, having caused unforeseen challenges that have rippled through the world. With businesses losing out on revenue, most have had to look for alternative ways to keep their customers engaged in an otherwise physically restricting world. The solution, however unprecedented, lies in the creation of an interactive platform to keep users engaged and help businesses remain relevant. And what better way to do so than with Koji games.  To better understand this, here is how you can use games to keep your customers invested in your brand during this trying time.

1. A Chance to Make Money and Connect with Family

With the current lockdown resulting in most consumers getting pay cuts, an extra source of income is one that will generate buzz for your company. Allow your customers to be part of your team by encouraging them to create content that highlights your brand and then paying for it. Take, for instance, putting out an announcement looking for sounds and graphics for your marketing platforms.

Direct your customers to add graphics to Koji games or even create games utilizing their creativity. Next, enroll them in a survey to allow other customers to vote on the best work. Such an aspect is likely to promote high engagement during such uncertain times, allowing you to remain relevant even after covid-19. You can also offer rewards to customers who share collaborating links with family, ensuring you cater to a broader audience. Additionally, provide first time rewards for customers who want to join the game. Whether your customers are masters of online games or novices, this is one activity that they will not turn down. It will also prove to be a fun learning experience and a perfect chance for communication.

2. Promote New Products by Offering a Unique Testing Experience

Engagement is multifaceted, and as such, you want your customers to get a variety of user experiences. With gaming options, they get to use a new medium for trying out new products. If you have a new creation but cannot launch it due to the covid-19 pandemic, test it out with a game. A Koji game will allow your users to explore what each product does. Take, for example, a multi-level game that unlocks treasures in the form of new product samples for every right answer. Invite your customers also to add themes that promote product changes for better engagement.

You can also use your new products to gain views on what your customers think of other products. Each change in your game represents an output that you can use to personalize your products or services. Turn every adventure into data and use every variable to better position yourself to excite your customers.

3. Use Koji Games to Reward Your Customers

The covid-19 has brought everything to a standstill, but that does not mean that customers should stop interacting with you. Get creative and craft games with challenges for your customers. Make it easy and reward customers upon their enrollment to your Koji game to encourage more participation. In addition, award the winners with some of your company products. Or, better yet, offer shopping points that customers can redeem for participation in the game. With such an interactive platform, you gain loyalty. Customers will visit your site even in the current pandemic to explore what offers you are willing to give. A fun and positive experience all your customers need in an otherwise bleak time. Make it worth their while with simple game rewards.

4. Create Interactive Game Advertisements

Customer interaction is vital during this pandemic. A short, fun, and straightforward engagement tool is all you need to keep your customers focused on your company. Koji games allow you to create hybrid ads that utilize traditional ads and games to form advergames. It is one essential tool that has proved useful in keeping users entertained, while still retaining relevance in the market. From promoting brand awareness to increasing conversion rates, they will also help increase click-through rates for your company. All you need is to use the built-in systems that Koji provides, customize a game that suits your needs, and you get an interactive ad for your customers.

With an advergame, you can customize your game in line with your marketing campaign. Adopt a consistent theme, messaging and logo for all your platforms for a higher response rate. The best part is that by utilizing Koji’s advergames, you can also use various analytics to gain valuable consumer insight. You have the advantage of collecting data and knowing what your customers like. It will allow you to understand how best to personalize your products during and after covid-19 for better results.

5. Educational Platforms

Games may have been created for fun, but with the current age of tech-savvy customers, they are more than that. They can also act as educational platforms for businesses seeking to show what their brand is all about. Take this chance to educate your customers on what your company stands for. You can, for instance, create a Koji memory game to test your customers’ knowledge of your products. Host competitions among other users to allow the winner to claim a prize. Along with this, offer referral points for customers who invite other users to use your games. With such an educative platform, your customers are well informed of your products.

Additionally, you can also use games to educate your consumers on trending events such as the covid-19. Create Koji games to create awareness of the recommended safety methods for your customers to ensure their safety. It is one way to ensure that your customers are always safe.

Games are more than just pastime activities. They have revolutionized the world of marketing, with most companies now turning to the gaming world to communicate with customers. They are engaging, fun, and customers relate. Do not be left behind. Use Koji games to engage and connect with your customers, not just for the short term, but also in the long run.

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