Make A Fan Game for Your Favorite Influencer

If you’re a total celebrity fanboi/fangirl, then making a fan game is your secret sauce to getting noticed by your favorite actors, musicians, athletes, models, and more!


Some Examples Of Games Created By Fans:

DeeterPlays Space Commando (@DeeterPlays)

Match To Keep Old Town Road at #1 (Lil Nas X)

Gabi Match (@MissBee)

Feed Sven Steak (@PewDiePie)

Did You know… Fan Games Are Super Easy to Create!

Everyone loves games. They are by far the most popular category of apps in the app stores. Games used to be difficult to create, but with Koji, anyone can create a game and send it to their favorite star within MINUTES.

Koji is a new platform, that makes it easy to create Fan Games and all kinds of other interactive content.

Creating a game involves 3 steps:

  • Pick a game — There are many games, and new ones are added every day.
  • Remix it — Customize it with your own graphics, sounds, colors, text game settings, etc.
  • Publish & Share— Once published you can share the link anywhere.
Here’s a little (20-second) explainer. 🙂

Your Favorite Creator is going to LOVE the game you made for them. 🙂

Think about it. What do these celebs/influencers usually get from their fans? Drawings? Letters? BORING!!!

Make your favorite influencer a custom game.

You can create it to have their faces, their slogans, artwork, inside jokes, and you even leave special messages for them! It’s basically the ultimate way to say, “Your work inspires me. You are awesome. You deserve an app, so I made one custom just for you.”

Make them feel special, just like how they make you feel. ❤

Success Stories:

YouTube sensation thrills fans with games.

13 Year Old Musician Rocks A Game

Father & Daughter Make Fan Games

How does Koji Work?

The whole process typically takes less than 15 minutes per game and can be customized without even touching code.

Koji games do NOT require app stores, downloads, or installs. Instead, Koji games are just web links that can be shared via social media and run on ANY device/browser. They load instantly when someone clicks on the link. This makes it incredibly simple for someone to view your game.

1. Find an existing game on

2. Click on the “Remix” button

3. Customize the game

Change colors, images, sounds, game rules, and all kinds of other things.

4. Publish & Share it with the world.

Once you finish customizing, click on “Save”. Fill in some info, add a thumbnail image/gif. You will get a link to the live game on

You can share your game anywhere on the web (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Email, website embed, etc.)

Making A Fan Game is the best new way to get the attention of a celeb, and show them that you are their #1 fan.

Try making your own Fan Game today!

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