The Next Big Revenue Stream For Influencers: Brand Games

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In a saturated world of influencers, brands are always seeking the best of the best when it comes to influencer sponsorships.

Followers/Subscriber counts don’t cut it any longer, and now, with “Likes” starting to disappear from the internet, how can influencers overcome this shift and sustain the momentum of influencer marketing? 

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Influencers can now stand out from the rest and increase their sponsorship value when partnering with brands.

Instead of offering a traditional sponsored post, influencers can create an interactive experience and add value to their posts through a branded Koji game.  

Games Are a Powerful Marketing Engine

Until now, game creation has been time-consuming, expensive to execute and limited to those who are proficient in coding. Major brands have often refrained from having their own game as a result of these constraints.

Influencers can begin to revolutionize the influencer marketing space by highlighting a new way to advertise: BRANDED GAMES.

Brands have already used social figures to improve their ad performance.

Celebrity Brand Endorsements.

From reputable athletes to musicians, brands understand the value of implementing a familiar/admirable face in their marketing campaigns. Creating an emotional connection for consumers through influencers has shown an increase in product sales as well as brand loyalty.

Influencers can get more than just the traditional engagement on their social content with branded games.

Branded Games are Mutually Beneficial for Brands & Influencers

Because people LOVE influencers AND games, there is a good chance that influencer-sponsored branded games will:

  1. drive new followers back to influencer social channels AND increase the click-through rate for branded content
  2. increase engagement from current followers AND create brand-awareness through interactive content
  3. Increase value for future influencer sponsorships AND increase a brand’s ROA’s

 “Playable [ads] are seeing a conversion rate that is seven times greater than mobile video ads; user retention rates that are twice as good as mobile video ads; and playables are driving ad rates that are several times greater than mobile video ads.Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat

Influencers Can Use Branded Games To Drive Traffic To Relevant Sites

Hyperlinks on a branded game can be a useful marketing strategy for brands; a few things with high value for brands are:

  • Main Site/Landing Page
  • Product purchase/check-out site
  • Promo Code(s) Site

Making Games for Brands Is Easier Than You Think

With hundreds of games to choose from, influencers can “Remix” a game with branded content in as little as 30 minutes. You can remix games on either a mobile browser or PC, and no downloads are needed to begin.

Koji games are easy to Remix…

…fully customizable…

…and easily shareable across all channels!

Read our step-by-step on how to start remixing games for your next sponsorship  here.




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