5 Ways to Monetize the Instagram “Photo Dump” Trend

Stop grouping your photos into a carousel. Instead, try out these fun ways to add a paywall.

We’ve already discussed how to make money on social media, but most social media users don’t realize that they’ve already produced exclusive content that’s ready to sell.

On Instagram, they’re called “photo dumps” and the premise is simple:

You have too many photos to share all at once.

Social media feeds are designed to show one piece of content at a time. Using Instagram’s “gallery”–a carousel of up to ten photos in a single post–means that your followers will only see the cover photo as they scroll by. Few will actually venture inside to see all your photos.

“Photo dumps” are a tool anyone can use to make money on social media.

There’s another social media trend that has the potential to super-power any photo dump: having followers pay to Unlock Photos and Videos.


Charge any price you want for access to your content, or grow your subscriber list by having followers enter their email address instead.

Social media influencers already use this trend to make money. But what about you and that “photo dump” you were about to post on your Instagram feed?

Instead of a carousel, consider posting one photo that leads followers into a deeper connection with you and also starts to earn you money.




Here are five unique ways to add a paywall to your photos:

1- Make an announcement

If you’ve got news to share with followers, this is the perfect way to monetize it.

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Make that big announcement on your social feed, but also paywall the best content so your followers have something exclusive to unlock.

It’s not just a way to make money, it also strengthens a connection with your most dedicated fans.

2- Offer a “sneak peak”


Musicians have used this promotional trick for decades, offering fans an early look at a music video or song in exchange for fan club membership or their contact info.

Now the same tools are available to everyone on social media! One post on Instagram is all it takes to get followers paying you to unlock a “sneak peak” of your latest project, an event, or even photos from a previous vacation!


3- Go behind the scenes

Your Instagram cover photo looks amazing, and everyone wants to know how you did it. So charge them to find out!

Sure, fashion models and photographers can post “behind the scenes” content, but online creators have just as much material to share.


Now any type of artist or performer can create revenue streams not just from their art, but also by showing fans what goes into their work.

Participating in a viral dance? Have your followers unlock the funny out-takes.

4- Post a Recipe or a How-To

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Who doesn’t want to make that delicious cocktail after seeing your beautiful cover photo? Don’t “photo dump” the step-by-step recipe; get paid for it with monetizable Kojis!

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Or how about sharing your knowledge? Unlocking a series of videos is the perfect way to sell a tutorial or a handy How-To lesson.

5- Reveal top-secret info

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Offer the location of an event or conference in exchange for a user’s email address.


Now there’s a way to invite all your followers to a party you’re charging money for!


With the Locked Photos & Videos template, there’s no limit to the ways you can monetize Instagram’s “Photo Dump” trend.

Got creative ideas of your own? Send them to us on Twitter @madewithkoji and we’ll update this post with some of the best responses.

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