Kayla Patterson Lets Fans Choose Her Hair Color Through ‘Link in Bio’

Social media celebrity Kayla Patterson asked over a million followers to compete in a Tap Race.

Kayla Patterson is a TikTok and Instagram star, so when it came time to change her hairstyle she sought a creative way to involve her 1.8 million followers.

Patterson remixed the Tap Race template, and within a couple minutes she was sharing it right within her social media feeds.

In her custom tap race, the rules were simple: the first hair color to get 50,000 taps wins. And the grand prize was interaction with Kayla herself: she personally followed and messaged the fan who tapped the most times.

It’s not a high score list; it’s a ranking of her super-fans.

Some of her fans were so passionate about interacting with her that they spent hours in her social profile to tap their favorite choice thousands of times.

Kayla got a full report of the leaderboard and captured invaluable insights about her super-fans.

‘Link in Bio’ was the perfect place to promote it.

Like everyone, Kayla only gets one link for her social media profiles. So she makes sure that her link in bio (koji.to/thekaylapatterson) offers various ways for fans to connect.

‘Link in Bio’ solutions like Linktree have become a popular way for creators to offer more with their shortened link. Patterson prefers a Koji Profile because of the interactive features that work right inside any social network or mobile app.

Here are some of the other innovative ways Kayla Patterson uses her Link in Bio:

1 – She grows her email list.

Kayla is connected to millions of people on social networks, but she also needs a way to reach her fans directly. Having email collection integrated right into her profile is a must.

2 – She’s created a Fan Wall where followers can leave selfies and messages.

Once upon a time, you’d find a guestbook just about everywhere you went. Kayla’s taken that concept to the next level by offering her fans a digital guestbook built right into her link in bio.

It’s a space for her followers to express themselves, share their messages, and connect with other Kayla Patterson fans.

3 – She takes requests for personalized videos.

Patterson’s not on Cameo; instead she charges $25 for personalized videos right inside her social media profiles.

Any time fans want to interact directly with Kayla, they’re only one button away. On her end, Kayla has a drop-dead simple way to collect money for videos through credit cards and Paypal.

4 – Fans can pay to unlock exclusive content.

Kayla’s an expert at social media, and she knows exactly what to do with the content she’s holding back from Instagram and TikTok: she sells it directly to her fans.

For $20, her followers can unlock a bundle of photos that aren’t accessible anywhere else.

Patterson remixed the Locked Photo or Video template and added it as an interactive feature of her profile.


There’s even a place for fans to submit questions that Kayla answers on her Instagram live chats. 

Check out Kayla Patterson’s innovative link in bio and visit the Koji Template Store for more ideas on how to level up your link in bio.