How to Monetize Your Travel Advice

As a travel creator, you’ve likely been around the world a time or two. And a large reason your fans may follow you is to satiate their own wanderlust. You’re inspiring them to take trips and follow in your footsteps, which likely leads to lots of questions. No matter how much you love your audience, your time is valuable.

So, why should you monetize your travel advice? And how can you do it through your social profiles? Well, Koji offers several Kojis that can help you monetize your advice. We’ll dive into a few below that can help you get started.

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Why Should You Monetize Your Travel Advice?

As a creator, you’ve likely built your platform and brand around your travels. This could involve a wide variety of content — from travel vlogs to photos and itineraries. Building up your audience likely took time, but they’ve obviously stuck around because they like you and your content

Once you’ve established your brand, it’s important that you consider how to monetize your social profiles. Because your fans and followers feel invested in your content, they will be more likely to purchase whatever services you offer.

Offering premium travel advice for a small fee allows you to answer all your fans’ questions. You can choose to provide guidance through audio or video means, whatever it is that you prefer. Consider testing out different Kojis to see what will work best for you.

Kojis That Allow You to Monetize Your Advice

Ready to get started monetizing your travel advice? Well, you’re in luck. Koji provides three separate Kojis that you can use to create premium travel advice.

Audio Inbox

You can use Audio Inbox Koji to sell premium, personalized travel advice to your fans and followers. With Audio Inbox, you can customize your voicemail inbox and the types of advice and requests you are willing to accept before publishing it to your profile. Your audience can then purchase a personalized audio recording from you regarding their burning questions about your travel adventures and more.

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What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!


Do your fans always ask for advice on what places they should visit? If the answer is yes, consider launching a travel shop! Thatch lets you create, share, and sell interactive travel guides, maps, and planning services your audience will love.

You can collect and organize your favorite spots around the world and then create content in the Koji that your fans can use for their next trip. In addition to creating a step-by-step guide, you can also link your recommendations for restaurants and other sites to visit along the way.

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Shoutout 2.0

If you want to connect with your biggest fans over video, add Shoutout 2.0 to your social profiles. Your fans can submit requests based on travel and include photos or videos for you to respond to. You can set a minimum amount that your fans will need to spend for you to fulfill their request. They can also leave you an optional tip if they find your travel advice or video valuable.

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Final Thoughts

Your travel knowledge is meant to be shared with others. Monetizing your travel advice will help you earn money, interact with fans, and may even fund your next adventure.

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How to Monetize Your Travel Advice FAQ

Making money from your travel content doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some commonly asked questions to help you transform your passion for travel into a career.

How do you monetize travel?

There are plenty of ways to monetize the travel niche! From selling travel guides to offering personalized advice, this guide showcases several ways for travel creators to monetize their passion.

How do I monetize my travel blog?

You can monetize your travel blog by providing digital experiences, travel guides, or other assets that are valuable to your unique audience. Once you have these assets, you can sell them via your social profiles with Koji.

How much money do travel bloggers make?

Like any other creator, the amount of money travel bloggers can make is limitless and largely dependent on your fanbase. This guide provides several methods to monetize your passion for travel.