Have a Great Background For Your “Link in Bio”

Customization Sets Your Profile Apart

Bring your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & Facebook bios to life.

It’s essential to design your “link in bio” profile with a spotlight on YOU.

Thankfully, Koji makes it incredibly easy to stand out in a sea of social media users. 

Choose a Theme

Themes are the starting point for your profile. Find one that vibes with your personality so followers know who you are before they even interact. 

Browse the growing collection of professionally-designed themes for the one that visually compliments your add-ons & links.

Customize the fonts and button styles to your liking. Now you’re ready to level up:

Add a Video Background

Motion grabs the viewer’s attention, and the right video background can leave your followers awestruck.

Find any 4K video from the web or upload your own footage to bring your online personality to life. 

Need inspiration? You can find limitless free footage at Pixabay, Videvo, Pexels & a number of other resources.

Video is captivating. Use it to stand out on social media! 

How to Upload Your Own

Edit the Style of your profile. In the Background tab, find Video. Here you can paste in the URL of a video that’s already on the web or upload your own.

Find the file on your device, and make sure it is the highest quality possible. Remember: your “link in bio” supports video up to 4K so make sure your background is looking sharp!

Best Practices

Consider the buttons. There will be add-ons and links taking up most of the space. You want to choose a background that compliments your buttons. Images that focus on a small object or area will be obscured by your links. Instead, look for videos and images that create a setting, tone & color palate for your profile.

Easy on the eyes. Don’t use anything too busy or distracting. You want people to be able to read what’s on your profile.

Quality matters. If you can’t make your own background, take advantage of your profile’s 4K video and all those free resources listed above. A sharp background will help you level up your social media monetization, engagement & growth.

Click here for more ways to improve your “link in bio” profile.

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