Stream Music From Spotify & More Inside Your “Link in Bio”

Play audio from any source in your “Link in Bio”

Audio creators can now optimize each engagement with fans by serving music or any type of audio right inside a “link in bio” profile.


Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more

Simply copy and paste a link into the Music add-on and it’ll be live on your profile.

Song, Playlist, Artist — it doesn’t matter — Spotify, SoundCloud, & Apple Music will appear with their custom player.

Prefer a different music platform or have your own audio content to play? Simply paste the embed code to add it to your profile. 

One place for all your audio

Not only is it easy for your supporters to find and enjoy your audio content in one place, but you’re also bringing social media followers into your “link in bio” profile where there are limitless ways to engage and monetize them.

All you have to do is direct fans to your “link in bio” to get them effortlessly listening to your music or show. 


Give your fans quick access to new releases and exclusive content while also making it easy for newcomers to discover your music.

Use the power of your “link in bio” profile to sell your music & merch, grow your subscriber list, and run a giveaway all while your listeners engage with your music.


Share a binge-worthy playlist or promote your latest episode.

Sure, you might already have a website for your podcast, but your listeners and supporters are everywhere: scattered across all the social networks and mobile apps.

Your “link in bio” profile works directly inside any social network or mobile app, delivering your podcast on any platform that you prefer.

Plus there’s full analytics reporting in your Creator Dashboard, both to track the performance of your audio as well as your profile.


Get more laughs by making your comedy accessible on every social network. Use your “link in bio” as your 24/7 comedy club!

Your profile isn’t just the place followers go to listen to your audio; it’s also where you sell tickets, merchandise, digital downloads, and even paid video requests for fans. There are so many ways to monetize your online presence through “link in bio.”

The Music add-on is free, easy, and effective for anyone and everyone in the audio space. 

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