Passive Ways to Make Money & Engage Social Media Followers

Kojis are interactive add-ons for your “link in bio” & social posts that automate revenue and follower engagement.

Whether you manage one social media account or a dozen, you simply cannot be everywhere at once.

Thankfully, you can create Kojis: interactive mini-apps that actually can be everywhere all at once!

These Kojis do a variety of fun and profitable things with your followers. There are ways to sell things, collect tips, grow your subscriber list, and fun engagement tools like games that you can remix with your own characters, music, and more.

Anyone looking to make money on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, & Clubhouse should put a variety of Kojis to work for them, so let’s take a quick look at everything you need to know:

Create Passive Revenue Streams

You remix a Koji once (it takes seconds) and then that Koji is out there working for you.

Add it to your “Link in Bio” profile: the most critical space for any social media user, which is why every Koji account includes a custom link.

Now that your Koji is set up and has the shortest possible link, all you need to do is share it on your socials and send followers to your “link in bio.”

You’ve been freed from the burden of engaging social media followers 24/7. Instead, Kojis do all the hustle for you selling content, taking paid requests, and more.

Powerful, Custom “Link in Bio” Profiles

Each Koji account comes with your own digital space to express yourself. Other “Link in Bio” services like Linktree charge for customization, but Koji is the exact opposite: every aspect of the user profile can be modified.

Social media users are clamoring for custom HD backgrounds, a unique feature to Koji along with professional themes & button shapes, new Highlight spaces, audio & video players and so much more.

Take a look at the custom background on NFL Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan’s profile.

Here’s how rapper & social media icon Jayo uses his Koji “link in bio”.

Engagement That Forms New Connections

Social media is all about sharing and having fun. Tons of Kojis do exactly that that from games to meme generators, but what’s important to know is that these fun engagements still work hard to make you money and grow new subscribers.

Take Space Invaders, for example. Yes, that Space Invaders, the classic arcade game. Not only can you remix it with any characters you like, but it also collects email addresses in order to appear on the high score list.

Looking for input from your followers or need to conduct a survey? Make it a fun, captivating experience with Tap Race:

Read how this influencer engaged thousands of followers by letting them choose her next hair color.

Locked Photo or Video is another powerful tool for creators. Not only does this Koji sell content for you, but it can also be used to grow subscribers and reward them with exclusive content not available on your public feeds.

Kojis Work Everywhere

A Koji is an instant experience that happens within any social network, web browser, or mobile app.

Tip Jar is the most popular and an easy example of a Koji: social media users customize a pop-up where their followers can make credit card and PayPal donations.

Since Kojis are made by a growing community of developers, there are infinite possibilities for ways to put social media to work for you. Already there are hundreds of Kojis to choose from to engage and monetize your social media followers, with new releases every week.

Koji “link in bio” profiles are powered by interactive add-ons that create passive revenue streams and engage your followers.

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